Entertainment 54-year-old Irina Bezrukova shared a rare picture in a...

54-year-old Irina Bezrukova shared a rare picture in a swimsuit


Irina Bezrukova at 54 years old admires fans with its invariable elegance and beauty. The actress looks much younger than her age and for many remains the standard of femininity. Irrelevantly, Irina returned from a vacation she spent in Bali. On an Indonesian island, the artist celebrated New Year. Barely returning from vacation, Bezrukova decided to cheer herself and her subscribers with a beautiful vacation picture. On Instagram, Irina shared a rare photograph in a swimsuit.

The picture was taken in the hotel pool, in which the actress was resting. Irina decided to swim at dawn and took a picture while standing in the water. Bezrukova poses in a one-piece swimsuit showing off her naked back.

– More recently … Do you like to swim in the sea at dawn, at night? Or at sunset? She asked subscribers.

More recently)) Do you like to swim in the sea at dawn, at night))? Or at sunset?)) # Irinabezrukova #bali # vacation

Fans were delighted with the slender figure of the actress: “Mermaid”, “I don’t have enough in the water, I also like swimming at dawn”, “Irina, you are so feminine”, Slender, beautiful woman against the backdrop of a beautiful landscape! The eye rejoices! ”,“ Fabulously beautiful – you, the sea, palm trees“, They write in the comments.

Last year, Irina starred in the TV show “The Last Hero”. Together with other participants in an extreme television show, she lived in a tropical jungle. In the project, she tried to patronize others and created coziness for herself and for the rest of the “last heroes”. When Irina dropped out of the TV show, other participants admitted that they missed her. The actress calls participating in the show an interesting experience in which she seemed to reboot – for example, her They took away their mobile phone for two weeks, and it was cut off from news and social networks.

On New Year's Eve, Irina flew to Bali. Photo: GLOBAL LOOK PRESS

On New Year’s Eve, Irina flew to Bali.A photo: GLOBAL LOOK PRESS

After the vacation, Bezrukova will return to work again – she is still listed in the troupe of the Provincial Theater, led by her ex-husband Sergei Bezrukov. Although Irina did not hide that she was very offended by Sergey, the couple were able to maintain a civilized relationship. Irina claims that now she does not hold resentment against her ex-husband – she let go of the past.

– To be honest, I planned to live with Sergey all my life until my death. But it didn’t work out that way. And, probably, the highest manifestation of love is to let go of a person who wants to leave, – said the actress in an interview.

Now Sergey Bezrukov is happy with his new wife, director Anna Matison. Couple brings up two children, daughter Masha and son Stepan.



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