5 Tips to Lose Weight Without Dieting

KOMPAS.com – Not a few people are trying lose weight by following a strict diet. Such as setting the menu and reducing food portions to the extreme and not eating certain types of food at all.

Going on an extreme diet can actually be bad for your health. Though, for lose weight, there is a way that can be done without the need to “torture” the body first.

Reported from Good To Know, there is how to lose weight which can be done without torturing the body, without you having to diet desperately and abstain from eating. This method is not able to lose weight in a fast time like the diet method.

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However, this method can keep your weight stable, aka not increasing, while reducing fat little by little.

The following tips to lose weight without the need for a strict diet.

1. Eat more protein

The first way is to eat foods that contain lots of protein. According to David Stache, a nutritionist from the United States, snacking on foods that contain lots of protein can make the stomach full longer.

A study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health also states the same thing, that consuming protein can make the stomach full throughout the day than eating foods rich in carbohydrates and fats.

So in between breakfast, lunch and dinner, eat snacks that contain lots of protein so you don’t get hungry easily.

2. Don’t keep sweets in the house

One of the biggest temptations when it comes to trying to lose weight is sweets. For this reason, as a precautionary measure, you should not buy sweet snacks and store them at home.

Sweet snacks in the house can always tempt the mouth and stomach when you are relaxing, especially at night.

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photo" data-photolink="http://www.kompas.com/wiken/image/2022/01/16/195000181/5-tips-menurunkan-berat-badan-tanpa-diet?page=2" style=" max-width: 100% ; width:750px ">PEXELS/CATS COMING Eating lots of vegetables, fruit, and spices (turmeric and ginger) that contain antioxidants can help reduce inflammation, as well as being one way to strengthen the immune system.

3. Consume more fiber

In addition to protein, tips to maintain body weight are to consume lots of fiber.

Like protein, fiber also makes your stomach feel fuller. You can start by eating fruits and oats for your evening snack stock.

This is better than eating sweet snacks such as chocolate, waffles, and so on at night.

According to research, oats can trigger the body to secrete hormones that signal fullness to the brain, so the body will not have the desire to hunt for food for the next few hours.

In addition to oats, the types of foods that contain high fiber and make the stomach full longer are popcorn, peas, berries, avocados, apples, dried fruit, tomatoes and dried seeds.

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4. Consuming your own processed meat

The next tip is to reduce eating out of the house. Research conducted by Johns Hopkins University says that people who eat home-cooked meals tend to be healthier than those who eat out too often.

So when we are craving meat, prepare the meat yourself at home with your favorite recipe as desired.

Restaurant-style meat is usually meat that has been preserved for a long time, which of course is no longer fresh. Meat that is processed in places to eat is also usually packaged meat that contains too much salt and preservatives.

5. Improve sleep patterns

Not only related to food intake, messy sleep patterns can also have an impact on weight gain.

When you are sleep deprived, the potential for weight gain increases. This is because sleep duration greatly affects ghrelin and leptin, hormones that regulate satiety and hunger.

So, try to sleep regularly so that your efforts to lose weight can run optimally.
If you want faster results, balance the tips above with enough exercise, which can burn fat deposits.

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