5 things you can invest in without money

Many people ask: What do I invest in, what can I do to improve my life if I don’t have enough or almost no money?

And the reality, as incredible as it sounds, is that there are things we can invest in and really make a good return, even with virtually zero levs.

Investing is nothing more than investing some resources, focusing them on getting a positive result that is better than what you invest. That is, to invest a thousand levs in something to get something that costs more than a thousand levs.

However, not all investments are money and here we can use mechanisms that can bring us a lot of financial abundance and monetary results, even if we do not necessarily invest money as investment capital, but invest other human resources, be it personal or other people. to make money without money.

Investment # 1: Education

It is not meant to study at an expensive college, which will cost you money in terms of tuition and other student expenses.

And for education that you can get for free through the local library, which can borrow a book, or from the Internet, where you can watch videos on YouTube or read articles on blogs, you can even download scientific publications.

Today we have access to such an incredible amount of information that the problem is not so much in gaining access to this information, but rather in filtering it, classifying it, structuring it and getting the most out of it.

But, as we are well organized and a little self-taught, we can practically acquire an unlimited amount of knowledge, especially those focused on both financial well-being and money management, how to manage every income you receive, every penny, how to manage expenses. you and many other similar things ….

And also specific activities related to the industry in which you work, what you study, or the business you develop, or something else that is directly related to the very generation of abundance.

When we meet other people, we understand how their business works, we can do it over the Internet, to be educated directly, to understand these business models and to apply in our work any initiatives or projects, strategies that really allow us to get a lot more profit.

Education is perhaps one of the most lucrative things that can exist without the need for large capital.

And the practical education we can get for free was a very lucrative investment that we could make with more desire and will.

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Investment № 2: Building strategic contacts

Perhaps one of the most valuable things you can gain on the path to success is reaching out to key people.

To succeed in something you will definitely not achieve on your own, you need other people to work with: your colleagues, customers, suppliers, friends, acquaintances or whatever else you can think of. Relationships with such useful people create strategic contacts.

In practice, I can send an SMS or call three, four or five people and they all reject me, but if I do it with 100 or more people, in the end someone wants to hear what I have to say, wants to cooperate with me, to hear my suggestions, find my projects and endeavors interesting. Finally, you will be able to find people with whom it is really valuable to work and with whom the efforts really become something very big.

And this is perhaps one of the greatest values ​​of prestigious universities, which are attended by the rich and ambitious, not so much because of a formal education or diploma, but because of the many useful people with whom you build contacts.

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The rich don’t do that: 6 reasons you can’t save money

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Investment № 3: Experience

It is very important to have experience not only in the CV, which says that you worked for three, four, five years in a company, but also in the skills acquired through practice.

For example, to want to be a good salesperson, to have real sales experience and to become someone who knows how to sell, who knows how to deal with difficult customers, who knows how to treat people. Or to be able to practically deal with negative situations and perspectives that most people are afraid of.

Many things are acquired only through practical experience, but for such the acquisition of such qualities and skills is worth the effort, which does not cost money, but the desire, will and sacrifice of some free time.

The specific steps and approaches depend on the field in which you work, and more you can always find and learn on the Internet if you wish.

And you will realize that often, if you manage to combine those things that can give you a practical financial return, with really valuable things and really important moments, it will bring you satisfaction from what you do.

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Investment № 4: Healthy body

What is meant by a healthy body? What we always hear is that the mind is the most important asset, and that is very true, but the mind is one thing and the brain is another.

The brain is part of our body, the brain works together with all other organs. And our body, if it is in poor physical condition, on a biochemical level, if we do not eat well, if we do not train, you will not be in the mood, there will be no motivation, there will be laziness. It will be difficult for us to concentrate and all this would explain why our minds are not working well lately.

Therefore, if our mind does not work well, we will not make clear decisions, we will not be clear about what we want, we will not clearly understand our goals, we will not persist in achieving them, we will be productive, we will look for new ways to solve of the problems that arise.

All this has been proven by various scientific studies. So, if we start with simple things like really investing in self-care and paying a little more attention to our body, it will obviously give me great results, even measurable in money.

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Investment № 5: A healthy and rich mind

Of course, the mind is the most important asset we have.

However, it is the mind that ultimately determines whether the body is healthy or not, that decides to move the body and direct our efforts in a certain direction to achieve certain goals. A healthy mind, a healthy spirit, free from negative news, from pessimism, especially nowadays, from fear, from thinking based on things that do not bring us anything positive, do not help us progress, but contradict everyone, this is really something , in which it is worth investing …

But then what is meant by investing in your mind?

It means taking the time to restructure your routine a bit so that these sources of negativity are filtered and controlled. To also skillfully control distraction and lack of concentration, to direct the thought process in the right direction, to spare it from barren and inhibiting loads.

If your phone rings all day, you won’t be able to focus, you won’t even have an hour or two a day to start your own business, a new project. Instead, do something that brings you more knowledge and experience, learn how to create new sources of income, learn how other types of activities work and how to generate money for other types of investments, and so on.

Take some time for yourself to be able to disconnect from social networks, phone, computer, TV, other people and dedicate this valuable time to reflection and contemplation.

The above are important components of a successful, incl. in financial terms, life. We can start building it from scratch, knowing that there is always a lot to learn, and even if we are experts in a field, there will always be new things to master and use in the interests of our development.


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