5 Shio clad in good fortune, his existence is the spearhead of the family

North Sulawesi portal- Lima shio This is predicted to bring hockey and Wealth, for their families like spearhead to achieve happiness.

In ancient Chinese astrology it is stated that there are 12 shio, where each of shio such have luck or hockey of their own.

There are some shio which is believed to bring good luck and wealth to his family, people with shio he always seems to be lucky in whatever he does.

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When they are born into a family, their presence is predicted to be able to bring hockey and wealth so that it seems as if they are the spearhead of a happy family.

Quoted from the North Sulawesi Portal, January 14 2022, from the YouTube Channel Fate and hockey discuss shio, here is the explanation:

  1. Monkey zodiac

Zodiac monkey is a symbol of inventor, he is full of innovation and good at improvisation and is able to attract people’s attention through his ingenuity.

Nature and character shio monkeys have a charm that cannot be imitated.

The monkey zodiac that stands out the most is its intelligence, shio Monkeys are very smart and always want to learn new things.


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