5% higher salaries on the way

The appointment is set for today afternoon at 15 in the headquarters of Ita Airways. On the table, according to what appears to the Messenger, the new employment contract for pilots and flight attendants that will overcome the disputed company regulation adopted by the company at take-off. Regulation which, it must be remembered, cut some items of the salary up to 40% and which aroused heated controversy and protests.
The company, also in light of the pressure of employees and a large part of the political world, has therefore decided to change course. And today it will propose to the trade unions to revise salaries upwards, foreseeing on the one hand an average increase of 5% and a series of improvements on the corporate welfare front (health insurance, social security and other benefits). This is a turning point after the tug-of-war in recent months. The new national airline had in fact disconnected the trolleys, unilaterally imposing a tears and blood regulation, unhooked from the previous agreement on labor costs. Above all, as Fit-Cisl denounced several times, it was the only one among the large state-owned companies, out of the national category contract despite enjoying, as is well known, massive public aid. The negotiation therefore starts again since all the acronyms have been called to the table: Fit-Cisl, Filt Cgil, Uiltrasporti, Ugl, Usb, Fast Confsal, Anpac, Anpav, Anp and Navaid.


The convocation came the other evening with a letter signed by the president Alfredo Altavilla, for days under pressure on the rumors of alleged tensions in the board of directors on the strategic choices of the company. Be that as it may, after a period of absolute lack of communication, the carrier comes out to try to create a new climate in the company. The top management has probably become aware of the fact that the development of the airline, also in consideration of the difficult time of air transport, is impossible without the contribution of personnel. Better then – the reasoning they make to Ita Airways – to soften the tone, giving up muscle tests.

Also because at the beginning of next year the test period of pilots and flight attendants expires and, according to some rumors, many would be oriented to choose other paths. Among other things, the unions also point out that in view of the summer season and the expansion of the fleet with 26 new aircraft, it is urgent and necessary to make the new company attractive in terms of salaries.
In fact, low cost companies offer higher remuneration than the Italian airline, but with more penalizing working hours. If Ita wants to grow, it must be made competitive. A point on which Landini, Sbarra and Bombardieri, the union leaders, particularly insisted with Palazzo Chigi. And the government would have received the indication to adopt a new contract to help give impetus to the tricolor carrier. Indication acknowledged.



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