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4 years tried! Did Paulina Andreeva do IVF after her wedding with Bondarchuk?


At the premiere of “Ice-2,” Fedor’s wife “walked” a rounded tummy.

After a long pause, Fedor and Paulina came out in a couple. The couple together attended the premiere of the film “Ice-2”, where Andreeva showed a decently rounded tummy. The naturally slender actress seemed to intentionally emphasize the big belly with a strap that fits her waist, making her tummy even more noticeable. Spouses shone with happiness – their firstborn is welcome and long-awaited. They have been trying for 4 years to have a baby, but apparently failed. The strange circumstances of the couple’s life lead to the question: did Andreeva do IVF after a spontaneous wedding with Bondarchuk? The circumstances of the couple’s life suggest this conclusion.

Roman Bondarchuk and Andreeva began in the fall of 2015. They spent a lot of time together – on set and outside working hours. Soon the lovers came together, Fedor idolized the actress, but was in no hurry with the wedding. Perhaps he was frightened by unsuccessful attempts to conceive a child, because the director does not have a soul for children. And Paulina probably thought about replenishment. It is worth noting that the ex-wife of the director Svetlana hoped to return the famous husband – apparently, she knew about the problems in the couple and considered Andreev a temporary hobby.

But the lovers, seemingly desperate to conceive naturally, turned to the doctors and agreed to IVF. This procedure is gaining popularity in show business circles and has saved many families, because it allows you to bear and give birth to your baby. This explains the reason for the quick marriage and the incredible secrecy of the newlyweds. Apparently, they did not want to divulge that their family was created for the sake of a child, so they concealed a spontaneous wedding. They probably needed a stamp in the passport to solve legal issues and give birth to a joint child.

Recently, Andreeva never starred. According to the official version, the actress went into a creative experience. In reality, she could prepare for the embryo transfer procedure, which, judging by the rounded belly, was successful. It remains only to congratulate the family on the long-awaited first-born.

Valeria Kolesnik

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