4 years do not raise you? Get away from this company!

This is not a sacred number and do not be afraid of it, but accept it as an occasion to think

If more than four years have passed since you were last promoted, you should probably give up on the idea that one day you will get one, says Whitney Johnson, career development coach at Harvard’s Executive Education program.

Unless you are at the top of the hierarchy, stay in the same place for five years

not a good sign of your chances in this company.

It is not necessary that you have been promoted, but even if you have not been assigned more responsibilities, which usually go with a higher salary, then the assessment of management is not good for you. Especially since opportunities have opened up in the meantime.

You should try to understand the reason why you do not receive a raise or salary increase. Most often you have to honestly admit that

maybe you’re to blame,

because you do not want to do anything more than cover the working minimum. You suffer from a lack of motivation and even if you haven’t realized it yet, your boss has noticed. You need to show him that you are ready to step out of your comfort zone and accept new challenges.

Another option is to find that you lack one or more new skills that you need to learn before climbing to the next level of the professional ladder. Don’t make the mistake of believing that you know everything and can, no matter how much experience you have gained. Do not think that with talent you will achieve everything. Even if you have it, it must be constantly developed. Persistence is the engine you need to learn new skills and build talent.

According to the career development specialists, if your company is one of those in which there are evaluations of employees and in them something like “meets the requirements” is written about your performance, it is necessary

to move.

You will not lose your job, but you are definitely at a standstill. Everything you do is average. If you want a promotion, your only right choice is to put in a lot of extra effort to get noticed.
Perhaps your boss is not aware of the fact that you want a change in your responsibilities to show that you are able to successfully handle larger responsibilities. Then

have an open conversation with your boss,

ask what your chances are and what exactly is needed to continue your career growth. Try to get clarity, because it depends on whether there is something to expect in this company, or it is wiser to look for opportunities for yourself elsewhere.

It is very likely that the company itself is at a standstill. It is based on what has been achieved, it reproduces it. You get paid regularly, but nothing develops. There are very visible numerical signs of this: maintaining a level of revenue, static market share, focus on existing products and services, lack of innovation.

An indirect sign is that employees and managers have been the same for decades, no new people are being hired. In principle, it is good that there is no turnover, but no one and nothing moves is a sure sign of a lack of will to develop. In such a company, it will be difficult for you to take a step forward.

By the way, experts emphasize that

not liking your job and being stagnant are two different things.

It is indisputable that the lack of promotion leads to dissatisfaction. But it doesn’t necessarily mean you stop liking your job. There are many other, stronger reasons why you hate her and stagnation is usually not among them. This makes it even more dangerous. The person who realizes that he does not like his job is more inclined to change. The person who is stagnant, but generally likes his job, is more likely to wait.

4 years without promotion is an approximate term and you should not fall into black thoughts about your professional future. But

it is not far-sighted to pretend that everything is fine.

Passivity is a formidable enemy. When it overwhelms you, you give up an active role, you lose control of your life.
Don’t take 4 as a sacred number, even if it is specified by a specialist from an elite business school like Harvard. Take it as an occasion to think about your career, to see the problems and not to ignore them. No matter how much you ignore them, they will not disappear, they will only deepen.

Use your energy to find the right solutions, make a plan, act and ensure your professional development. Even if it doesn’t happen the first time, try again and don’t allow yourself to think you’re at a dead end.

As Confucius says, “When it is obvious that your goals cannot be achieved, do not change your goals, but change your actions.”

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