4-5 thousand in regular buses delayed with checks on the border with Turkey / Video /

Due to the specialized operation, the bus traffic from Turkey to Bulgaria is paralyzed.

With intensified checks, the Bulgarian border services have practically blocked the border with Turkey on “Kapitan Andreevo”. This was announced by readers of “24 Chasa”, who are blocked at the border checkpoint. The reason is a specialized operation against smuggling, which is being carried out at the Kapitan Andreevo border checkpoint since midnight on Friday and involves 4 services – “Customs”, the National Revenue Agency, the Economic Police and the State Automobile Inspectorate. There are currently over 30 buses on the Bulgarian-Greek border. It takes 4-5 hours to check each of them.

“They check everything – tachometers, tickets, luggage, ask passengers about the reason for their trip, check all luggage,” said bus drivers. They added that all schedules were violated and arrived in Bulgaria hours late. Due to the specialized operation, there was an accumulation of buses at the Turkish checkpoint “Kapi Kule”.
“We are in a critical situation, we have to wait for hours. We have neither food nor water, and there are children and elderly people among the passengers,” said those who crossed the Bulgarian-Turkish border.

The emergency measures were imposed last night after Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov announced that Turkey was interfering in the Bulgarian elections. A protest followed in front of the Turkish embassy in Sofia, and today the Bulgarian ambassador was summoned to the foreign ministry in Ankara to be handed a protest note.


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