Business 320 sterreicher a third of the private financial hold...

320 sterreicher a third of the private financial hold vermgens


The financial displayed the sterreicher has increased from 2018 to 2019 whrungsbereinigt by seven percent to 900 billion dollars (800 billion euros). This was a strkerer growth than in the previous years, but is below the average of Western Europe. This is one of the “Global Wealth Report 2020” by the consulting firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

The financial is displayed in Austria is strong, with a few very wealthy individuals are concentrated. A third of the financial vermgens is held by only 320 people, which have each more than $ 100 million. Nearly 47,000 Dollar Millionre (880,000 euros) totals BCG in Austria, you hold 55 per cent, 36 per cent is in the hands of the 7.2 million sterreicher, and have less than 250,000 dollars.

It fits the topic: “Active is Displayed creates and preserves Workplaces,” writes ON editor Hermann Neumller in his comment. [ONplus]

Corona-the kink in the growth

While the forecasts from the previous year, had assumed that the further growth of the financial vermgens in the next five years, from 4.5 per cent in Austria, there are now Corona due to a Rckgang of growth to 3.7 percent.

Financial displayed is distributed in Austria unequal than the average for Western Europe, where the super-rich with more than 100 million dollars, 16 percent of the financial vermgens heard.

Teodoro Cocca, Professor fr Asset Management at the Johannes Kepler University Linz, sees this displayed concentration is not a big Problem. “These are usually persons or families with large shareholdings in companies. This money is active and creates Workplaces,” he says in the Interview with the ONachrichten. He strongly, however, to see this negative.

High Share Rate

The sterreicher hold 33 percent of their Vermgens in stocks and mutual funds. In order for you to eight percentage points above the average of Western Europe. “Contrary to the prevailing opinion, that the sterreicher are open-minded to the stock market over,” says Anna Zakrzewski, BCG partner and the author of the study.

With 41 per cent, however, the largest share of the private vermgens in savings is held in deposits and cash. The are about eleven percentage points more than the average for Western Europe.

Article from

Hermann Neumller

Editor Of Economy



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