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30,765 cases of coronavirus reported in NYC, deaths increased to 672 | Univision 41 New York WXTV


In the last update of the day that the mayor’s office offers on cases of coronavirus, A total of 30,765 were reported, including 672 deaths.

The cases by county are as follows:

  • Queens: 9,831
  • Brooklyn: 8,129
  • The Bronx: 5,752
  • Manhattan: 5,237
  • Staten Island: 1,781.

Currently 6,287 people are hospitalized.
The cases continue to increase at a worrying rate. This same Saturday morning, Governor Andrew Cuomo had reported that there were 29,766 cases of coronavirus in New York City, including 517 deaths, while in the state the figure is 53,318 infections.

Cuomo reported that for the maximum point of contagion 14 to 21 days left. And he announced that the presidential primaries were postponed to June 23. They were supposed to take place on April 28. “Public health is our number one priority and we will carry out this vital democratic process on a safer date,” he said.

March 27

The New York mayor’s office confirmed in its latest update this Friday that cases have increased to 26,697, including 450 deaths.

Mayor Bill de Blasio had said at his usual afternoon press conference that New York City had a total of 25,573 cases of coronavirus, including 366 deaths. So you can see the rapid increase in cases.

To date, 5,039 people are hospitalized.

“I don’t think New York is ready for Easter,” de Blasio reiterated at the press conference. “The economy is going to recover, but right now we are talking about lives,” he said.

Nearly half a million New Yorkers have lost their jobs and applied for unemployment benefits, the mayor found. The impact on the families’ economy is going to be great, which is why the mayor mentioned the possibility of freezing rents. “The only way to do this is through New York State. Everyone must come together to reach this agreement,” he said.

Some 2,500 respirators are on the way, but the city needs at least 15,000. “New York is the center of the crisis and we need help in that regard,” continued the mayor, who said he was talking to Trump about this: “I want to ask you to take into account what is happening in hospitals like Elmhurst in Queens. “

Watch Bill de Blasio’s press conference here

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Mayor Bill de Blasio updates on the coronavirus crisis in NYC.

Posted by Univision New York on Friday, March 27, 2020

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Pilot plan begins ‘Open Streets’

From this Friday until next Monday four streets of Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and The Bronx (Staten island will be included later if the plan works) will be pedestrian corridors from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. The measure is part of a pilot plan that takes place in the city for New Yorkers to leave their homes to relax from quarantine.

  • Manhattan, on Park Avenue, 28th to 34th streets.
  • Brooklyn, on Bushwick Avenue, between Johnson and Flushing Avenues.
  • Queens, at 34th Avenue, between 73rd and 89th Streets.
  • Bronx, on Grand Concourse, between East Burnside and 184th Street.

Faced with controversy that a small number of streets would reduce space, and therefore would not help with compliance with social distancing rules, Mayor Bill de Blasio said the plan was limited in order to enforce order – since the police are supposed to be on duty – so that pedestrians don’t use the newly allocated space to congregate too close.

“We wanted to strike a balance,” de Blasio said, continuing: “So we decided on a very limited number experimentally, certainly a number that the New York Police and other agencies could count.

However, there are many social indisciplines that have been seen these days. Univision News 41 cameras scanned the streets of Queens, the county that has had the most cases of covid-19 on Thursday, and captured sick people sitting on the ground waiting to be treated at a pharmacy, while in another people asked their medications and were never taken care of. A few blocks later, old people lined up to receive a plate of food, which they would then eat sharing the same bench on the street.

The concern that hundreds of people on the streets do not respect the rule of keeping the distance of six feet, remains latent. Meanwhile, hundreds more face the coronavirus from a hospital bed.

At the Elmurst Hospital in Queens, not only can hundreds of people be seen lining up outside for the coronavirus testInstead, images inside the center, obtained by The New York Times after being taken by Dr. Colleen Smith, show the current situation of the health crisis in the city.

Crowded emergency rooms, where 200 patients are regularly seen, now receive at least 400 a day; A refrigerated truck has been installed at the rear of the center to place the bodies of people killed by the coronavirus, and fans are already running low. For their part, health officials have to reuse protective equipment over and over again.

March 26

New York City confirmed, in its daily afternoon report, that coronavirus cases in New York City they increased to 23,112, including 365 deaths.

Just hours before, Mayor Bill de Blasio had given the day appearance of 21,893 cases of covid-19 and 281 deaths, which means that in just hours 84 deaths took place in the city.

7,362 cases are reported in Queens, 4,046 in Manhattan, 6,095 in Brooklyn, 4,243 in the Bronx, and 1,330 in Staten Island. To date, 4,720 people have been hospitalized.

“We are confident in the resilience of New Yorkers, but it is going to be a long road and a long fight,” de Blasio said at a news conference, who also thanked all health workers, who “are making a chapter in history. “

“You will receive the supplies you need every day,” de Blasio said, adding: “We need federal aid to continue supporting them.”

This Thursday 43 were sent fans to that hospital, as well as 56 workers to support the staff of that center.

“Before the coronavirus we had 20,000 hospital beds, and just a week ago we had a system in place for demand. Now, however, that number is only part of what the city needs,” de Blasio said. Beds are only one of the parts that the health system needs, accompanied by personnel, fans, equipment … The mayor said they hope to triple that number of hospital beds.

The city is asking all hospitals to increase their capacity, with at least 7,000 extra beds.

To date, 200 prisoners have been released, achieving a record number. New York City’s prison population is shrinking, dropping to a record number since 1949. A total of 375 inmates are expected to regain their freedom soon.

Watch the mayor’s press conference here

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Mayor Bill de Blasio provides the latest details on the coronavirus crisis in New York City.

Posted by Univision New York on Thursday, March 26, 2020

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March 25

New York City announced Wednesday that coronavirus cases have risen to 20,011, including 280 deaths.

There are currently at least 6,420 cases in Queens, 3,616 in Manhattan, 5,232 in Brooklyn, 3,542 in the Bronx, and 1,166 in Staten Island.

Likewise, 3,750 are hospitalized, and of them at least 840 are in the intensive care unit.

Mayor Bill de Blasio reported that starting this Friday, the free childcare service will be expanded in the city, to cover grocery and pharmacy workers, more Health Department staff, essential workers on Probation and Protection of the Environment, and workers of Staten Island Ferry and NYC Ferry.

Also, referring to President Trump’s desire to return to normal by Easter, de Blasio said: “Let me be frank about this crisis: it will not be better for Easter. We cannot let our guard down and cling to false hopes. April will be tougher that March and May will be even harder. “

On the other hand, the mayor referred to the irresponsibilities that are being observed among the population, such as games on the basketball courts in the city. “If you want to go play basketball with your children, that’s fine. But we can’t have league games. If people don’t follow the rules, we’ll remove the hoops,” de Blasio said.

March 24

New York City confirmed Tuesday night that the Coronavirus deaths have increased to 192, while the number of cases has risen to 15,597.

Earlier this afternoon, Mayor Bill de Blasio had reported 14,776 coronavirus cases, including 131 deaths. “April could be worse than March, and May worse than April,” said the city’s mayor.

There are currently 4,667 cases in Queens, 3,013 in Manhattan, 4,407 in Brooklyn, 2,505 in the Bronx, and 999 in Staten Island.

At least 2,850 people have been hospitalized, and of those, 660 are in intensive care units.

“This crisis is growing. New Yorkers are making changes every day. We are in the midst of a crisis,” de Blasio said. “We need as many fans as we can in the city,” he said, adding that anyone with a fan is asked to help.

So far, 400 fans have been distributed by FEMA in the city.

De Blasio pointed out that the recreational parks or ‘playground’ will be closed from Saturday afternoon if the required measures of social distancing are not followed.

About 300 more inmates will be released from New York City jails, de Blasio said.

Watch Bill de Blasio’s press conference here:

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Mayor Bill de Blasio offers update on coronavirus crisis in New York City.

Posted by Univision New York on Tuesday, March 24, 2020

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March 23

White House coordinator Dr. Deborah L. Birx said that nearly 1 in 1,000 people in the region has contracted the virus, five times more than in other areas.

Since Sunday, New York State has declared a mandatory quarantine, closing all non-essential businesses and ordering all people to stay home.

New York Police have begun patrolling parks and streets to make sure residents are practicing proper social distancing.

They will reportedly intervene to divide groups of people who play in city parks, and hand out fines.

Meanwhile, the federal government has delivered 400 ventilators to be distributed among New York City hospitals. This represents a 20% increase from the 2,000 fans available last week.

Furthermore, FEMA is working on building a 1,000-bed hospital at the Javits Center, after the governor approved that and 3 other sites in the state for the construction of temporary hospitals.

Currently, there are 13,119 positive cases of coronavirus in New York City and 125 deaths.

There are currently 3,848 cases in Queens, 2,646 in Manhattan, 3,742 in Brooklyn, 1,999 in the Bronx, and 877 in Staten Island.

There are at least 2,213 people hospitalized and at least 525 of those are in intensive care.

March 22

There are more than 13,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus in New York City and 125 deaths.

There are currently 3,848 cases in Queens, 2,646 in Manhattan, 3,742 in Brooklyn, 1,999 in the Bronx, and 877 in Staten Island.

There are at least 2,213 people hospitalized. Of those people, at least 525 are in intensive care.

Deaths from the coronavirus in New York City skyrocketed Sunday night, seeing a 57% increase since the last count.

In an interview with CNN this Sunday, Mayor Bill de Blasio said “the worst is yet to come,” adding that the month of April is going to be much worse than March and the situation is likely to get worse for May.

“In terms of our hospital system, frankly, we are about 10 days away from seeing a widespread shortage of critical supplies – ventilators, surgical masks, the things that are absolutely necessary to keep a hospital system up and running and we have seen next to nothing from the government Federal, “said Mayor Bill de Blasio.

De Blasio said hospitals are struggling to cope with coronavirus cases. He said the city’s hospitals are 10 days from saturation.

It is estimated that almost one person per hour dies of a coronavirus in the city. However, the mayor reported that no one under the age of 44 has died in the city.

Furthermore, Governor Andrew Cuomo said Sunday that density in New York City remains a problem, especially in parks. He asked the city to come up with a plan to correct the problem within 24 hours.

New cases of coronavirus in NYC:

  • 98 NYPD officers have tested positive for coronavirus
  • Another TSA employee has tested positive at JFK airport
  • 23 low-risk inmates will be released from the New York prison system on Sunday due to the coronavirus

New regulations to be implemented in NYC during the crisis:

  • Banned groups, picnics, and team sports in New York City parks
  • Parking permits will be issued to city health workers
  • New Leader Appointed for NYC City Production Efforts

March 21

New York City confirmed on Saturday night that reports have been reported 8,115 covid-19 positive cases in the city, including 60 deaths. This morning alone, 7,530 cases and 45 deaths had been reported.
Likewise, 1,450 people have been hospitalized, and of them, 370 were in the intensive care unit.

Governor Andrew Cuomo reported 10,356 cases this morning, with 3,254 new infections. With this new update the total number would be more than 12,000 statewide.

March 20

On Friday 5,151 coronavirus cases confirmed in New York City, announced Mayor Bill de Blasio. That’s one-third of all coronavirus cases of all cases in the United States, and two-thirds of New York State. “We are the new epicenter of the virus,” de Blasio said at a press conference on Friday afternoon.

Mayor Bill de Blasio had announced in the morning that cases of coronavirus in New York City have climbed to 4,000, including 26 deaths. This Friday the deaths increased to 43.

This Friday, Governor Andrew Cuomo asked all residents stay home unless they are essential workers, like those in the food and health industry.

Cuomo signed an executive order that will put the state on hiatus to the state starting Sunday at 8 p.m., ordering 100% of the workforce to stay home, excluding essential services. This order excludes pharmacies, grocery stores, and others.

Bill de Blasio stated at his press conference on Friday afternoon that he fully agrees with the measures announced by Cuomo. And that NYPD members will be training to enforce orders.

Watch Bill de Blasio’s press conference in Spanish here:

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Mayor Bill de Blasio updates on coronavirus crisis in New York City.

Posted by Univision New York on Friday, March 20, 2020

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March 19

At a press conference Thursday, Mayor Bill de Blasio said that the New York City hospitals are two to three weeks out of essential supplements. “For April we will need 3 million masks and 15 thousand fans,” de Blasio said and reaffirmed this Friday.

The only way to curb that is through a federal order that would mobilize the United States Armed Forces to act fully in this situation. De Blasio said the military’s first-class medical equipment, logistical support, and ability to take factory supplies to where they are most needed are needed.

Coronavirus cases in New York City increased by 50% in a matter of hours. Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Thursday afternoon that the number had risen to 3,615 cases, including 22 deaths. On Wednesday night the figure stood at 1,871 in the city.

The cases by county are as follows:

  • 1,030 in Brooklyn.
  • 980 in Queens.
  • 976 in Manhattan.
  • 436 in the Bronx.
  • 165 on Staten Island.

De Blasio confirmed that a Rikers Island inmate tested positive for coronavirus. The rest of the inmates have been isolated. De Blasio said more tests will continue. Some 40 “non-violent” and low-profile recidivism prisoners will be released due to the circumstances.

Watch Bill de Blasio’s press conference in Spanish here:

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Mayor Bill de Blasio updates on coronavirus crisis in NYC.

Posted by Univision New York on Thursday, March 19, 2020

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About 350 people will be examined in the different hospitals in the city. Other units are reopening in hospitals, which would serve some 70 people.

Four new places to carry out mobile tests, which will be able to serve 100 people a day, such as the one in Staten Island that opened this Thursday. Residents have to make appointments in advance.

“80% of cases will be light. If you’re under 50 and don’t have pre-existing medical problems, stay home,” de Blasio said.

On the afternoon of Wednesday, March 18, there were 554 people hospitalized with 169 of them in the intensive care unit.

“If we are to stop this epidemic, we need rapid and comprehensive testing for those who are most at risk of serious disease,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “Now we can get more New Yorkers to get the care they need at the right time, helping save lives, one test at a time.”

Governor Andrew Cuomo said more than 7,500 tests were performed overnight, and reaffirmed that increasing testing capacity leads to more positive tests by default.

This morning Cuomo had announced at a press conference that New York City had 2,469 cases of coronavirus, which constitutes more than half of the infections in the entire state (4,152).

Cuomo announced that 75% of the nonessential business workforce must be homebound. Customs jobs that provide basic services such as markets, pharmacies, hospitals or clinics, shipping, etc. are excluded.

The governor also communicated about a 90-day mortgage relief plan, which includes waiver of payments, late fees, and a grace period for loan modifications. It also postpones or suspends foreclosures.

He outlined the three facets of his plan to combat the outbreak, including:

  • Stop the spread of the virus
  • Increase current hospital capacity
  • Identify new hospital beds

Watch Cuomo’s full press conference in Spanish here:

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March 18

The official page of the city of New York announced that the cases of coronavirus in the city had increased to 1,871 in just a few hours, since this Wednesday at noon 1,339 had been reported. Also, 11 deaths were confirmed.

Furthermore, New York State passed a sick leave law to guarantee the payment of those under mandatory or preventive quarantine. “In New York we are with our workers in sickness and in health,” Governor Andrew Cuomo tweeted.

Meanwhile, Mayor Bill de Blasio said of the law, “If you have to quarantine and can’t go to work, you deserve paid sick leave coverage. This bill will make that a reality for New Yorkers who they work”.

The move by New York comes before President Donald Trump approved a financial aid package that includes days paid for sick days in the United States.

On Wednesday afternoon, Governor Andrew Cuomo reported that a Navy hospital ship will be dispatched to the port of New York.

At a press conference, Cuomo said there will be no quarantine in New York City, contradicting Mayor Bill de Blasio’s warning.

The mayor announced Tuesday at a press conference that New York City residents must be prepared for a mandatory quarantine due to the crisis in coronavirusAlthough he clarified that a decision has not yet been made.

However, the governor said that said decision must be approved by him, and that at the moment, he has no plan to carry it out. In addition, he stressed that said order would not work unless it was used in all localities of the state and its surroundings.

However, Mayor Bill de Blasio said this date could be very optimistic, he considers it very likely that schools will remain closed for the rest of the school year. The closings will affect some 1.1 million children and 75,000 teachers.

De Blasio announced this Sunday at night he would order the closure of all bars, nightclubs, cinemas, theaters, concert halls in the city.

Restaurants will be limited to only selling food to take away and at home.

The mayor also announced that there will be sanctions for businesses that occupy more than 50% of their capacity.

Empty and desolate: New York City like we never thought to see after the coronavirus pandemic


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