Business 30 thousand pounds decline at Peugeot 508 model 2020...

30 thousand pounds decline at Peugeot 508 model 2020 in June, sow


12:46 pm

Thursday 18th of June 2020

Books – Mahmoud Amin

Peugeot has announced Egypt from the reduction in car prices by the gentlemen of the Cuban 508, and got all the categories control on the cuts reached 30 thousand pounds.

Approved the company “Mandro” Automotive, the exclusive importer for Peugeot and the French in Egypt, discounts on car 508 in the local market which offers three categories of equipment to begin with of 459 thousand instead of 474 thousand و990 pounds reduction of 14 thousand children pounds, the second category reduced to 25 thousand pounds, sold now for 499 thousand and 990 pounds instead of 524 thousand و990 pounds.

The second category and the top equipped has got a reduction of 30 thousand pounds to stand versus 569 thousand و990 pounds instead of 599 thousand و990 pounds.

Used Peugeot 508 powered by a turbo engine capacity of 1.6 liters, linked to the transmission is automatic, and strongly 165 hp, and consumes on average 7.6 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers, and proceeds from the trust at 100 km / h in 8.7 seconds.

Control provided the dimensions of the longitudinal amounting to 4.750 mm and a width of 1.859 mm and the height of 1.403 mm and a wheelbase length 2.793 mm, and the wheels sport 18-inch, and storage space for its rear – trunk – to 487 litres.

Owns a car, many safety features standard, on top of 6 airbags, the system brake anti-lock ABS, and the programme of EBD to distribute the brake force electronically, and the system of emergency brake automatic transmission, and monitoring blind spots.

For further security supplied the car with radio in front of me rom the front camera, which works to maintain the speed of the car automatically and keep a distance of safety, as supplied with the exit of the automated car parking sensor front & rear parking assistance on the corner.

Come to the cabin of the car design sporty luxury, to harmony with the exterior design, and basic specifications provided by internal and 508, the digital panel meter displaying data in front of the driver which comes a 12.3-inch, seats with electric control, with massage function multi-points, and heating the front seat.

The entertainment that are available to drive in the introduction of its touch screen measuring 10 inches with HD development in communication functions, which can be connected to smart phones via feature – Mirror Screen, and can be controlled voice commands, coupled with the feature of wireless charging for smart phones, steering wheel can control the voice commands.



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