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30 people arrested in Iran for participating in rally because of Boeing crash :: Society :: RBC


30 people were arrested in Iran for participating in an anti-government rally, the cause of which was the disaster of the Ukrainian Boeing 737-800 near Tehran. This was announced by the official representative of the judicial authorities of the country Golamkhossein Esmaily, reports Reuters.

“About 30 people were arrested for participating in uncoordinated actions. We are tolerant of legitimate rallies, ”Esmaily said.

January 14, Iranian authorities arrested several people involved in the crash of a passenger airliner. According to the country’s president Hassan Rouhani, several people can be held responsible for the disaster. The head of the Islamic Republic has promised to punish all those responsible for the crash.

January 11, hundreds of students in Tehran held an action in memory of the victims of the disaster, but subsequently the peaceful assembly turned into an anti-government protest. From 700 to 1000 people took part in the action.

Rosaviatsia evaluated the measures taken for the safety of flights over Iran



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