2G in the Bundesliga: so many spectators are allowed in the stadium

Corona rules
So many spectators can now enter the stadium in the Bundesliga

The Bund-Länder-Round has decided: There will be no Germany-wide exclusion of all spectators from the stadiums for the time being. Nevertheless, there are still ghost games in some federal states. What applies where and who is allowed into the stadium?

Almost all industries have experience of the Corona crisis with viewer restrictions, corona rules and changing conditions. So does football. The Prime Minister’s Conference has now defined a “minimum” of restrictions, but it is still unclear which federal states go further than these regulations. Some Bundesliga clubs then have to host ghost games again. Even at the beginning of the pandemic, people were playing in front of empty ranks.

In the summer of 2021, the relaxation came, spectators were allowed to come again, albeit with restrictions. But these restrictions differed considerably in some cases, here a full stadium, there still gaps in the spectator block.

The situation will worsen again in winter 2021. A Prime Minister’s Conference, which was scheduled at short notice, now laid down new rules. For the time being, the Bundesliga stadiums may only be used to capacity up to 50 percent – but capped at a maximum of 15,000 fans. The same percentage rule applies to indoor sports with a maximum of 5000 spectators.

However, as expected, the results of the federal-state consultations on Thursday on the acute corona situation are not uniformly valid across Germany. Because in addition to these “minimum standards”, the federal states are also entitled to more stringent measures such as games in front of empty ranks – which Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Saxony, among others, are implementing.

In Saxony, ghost games have been taking place again since last week, the game against Bayer Leverkusen on Sunday was played in front of empty ranks. There were also corresponding demands in Baden-Würrtemberg and Lower Saxony.

In our photo gallery you will find the currently applicable regulations in the stadiums of the Bundesliga clubs. The information is updated before each game day.

Click here for the photo gallery: Where how many fans are allowed in the Bundesliga stadiums



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