World 20min - Red light of the call for help...

20min – Red light of the call for help the event industry


“Night of Light”

In the whole of Switzerland, the buildings are aglow in Red. With the action “Night of Light” wants to make the event industry on their emergency situation in the Wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.

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The building, in which before the age of 16. March have still met people to concerts, theater performances and other events, light up red: The Zurich Uetliberg. (22. June 2020)


Kybunpark, St. Gallen.
The Hallenstadion, Zurich.
  • With the action “Night of Light” wants to make the event industry on their emergency situation in the Wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.
  • In the whole of Switzerland were radiating from 22 clock until midnight, and buildings in red.
  • Artists feel, in spite of the initial assurances of the Federal Council is left in the lurch.

On Monday evening the building in the whole of Switzerland in Red shines. “Night of Light” this action means that the event industry from 22 clock until midnight on your emergency situation in the Wake of the Coronavirus pandemic to make us aware of.

“A fascinating and emotional Event,” it should be, if buildings are red lit, where before the age of 16. Taken March people concerts, theatre performances or other events. “We are there and ready, a lot is already possible and we look forward to new Events”, that is the one side of the message wants to communicate to the event industry.

The other side is gloomy: Despite initial assurances by the Federal Council of culture feel creating now left in the lurch. Persons in the “employer in a similar position” are no longer eligible for short-time work and Changes in the income replacement for the self-employed, the prospects of the players deteriorated, wrote to various associations in the event industry.

Industry, We developed “feeling”

They are calling for the continuation of the support to the normal operation. Because The event industry is a majority of small and micro owner-managed businesses and self-employed, which now threaten to fall through the net. It is a light was a view that with the relaxation Events might be possible, but “the strict conditions will not lead, at least in the cultural sector, these events are currently economically feasible”.

In this difficult Situation, We had emerged in the industry “feeling”; the action “Night of Light” margins of companies, venues and artists. The idea of this action has taken over the Swiss branch of the colleagues in Germany , “because the current Situation is quite international, if not global scale”, say it in the message.



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