World 2020 US elections: Barack Obama warns Democrats of complacency

2020 US elections: Barack Obama warns Democrats of complacency


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Biden is doing well – but Obama urges the Democrats

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Barack Obama

At that time, they were still US President and Vice: Barack Obama (left) and Joe Biden

Source: AP / Carolyn Kaster

The United States has been in turmoil since George Floyd’s death – and President Trump is doing everything in his power to divide further in the election year. Barack Obama is attacking the White House sharply for this and warns the Democrats not to look forward too early, as in 2016.

DFormer US President Barack Obama has warned the Democrats of complacency. “Just because that energy is out there doesn’t mean it will secure our victory, and it doesn’t mean it will be channeled in a way that leads to real change,” Obama said Tuesday at a fundraising event considering a “big one.” Awakening ”among young Americans committed to reform.

The event raised $ 7.6 million for the likely Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden. “There’s a backlash that’s violent, against change,” Obama added, calling on viewers of the online event to learn the 2016 lesson and not take the election victory for granted. In 2016, former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was the Democratic favorite for the White House. As you know, in the end she lost to the Republican candidate, today’s US President Donald Trump.

His predecessor Obama relied on the division in US society that President Donald Trump exploited. He called on viewers to do even more for Biden: “Whatever you have done so far is not enough.” It was Obama’s first campaign event with Biden this year.

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The 77-year-old Biden had prevailed in the primaries of the opposition Democrats in the past few months. The presidential candidacy is thus certain, even if his formal nomination by a party congress is still pending this summer. The election will take place on November 3.

Attack on the White House

The Trump administration suggests that “facts don’t matter, science doesn’t matter” and that a fatal illness is “fake news,” Obama said of how to deal with the corona pandemic. The White House also sees some as “real” Americans, Obama said. He did not name Trump and other government officials by name.

The White House also actively promotes social division and sees some as “more real” Americans, Obama said. He did not name Trump and other government officials by name. For weeks, demonstrations against police violence, racism and social injustice have been taking place in many US cities. The protests were triggered by the death of African American George Floyd after a brutal police operation in Minneapolis.

There is a big awakening among people, especially the younger ones, Obama said. They not only have enough “of the chaotic, unorganized and malicious approach to governance that we have experienced in recent years, but are now facing challenges that this country has faced for centuries”.

Minorities hope for biden

Floyd’s death also changed politics a few months before the presidential election. Experts believe that blacks and members of other minorities will become more politically involved as a result of the mass protests – and will vote in November. A higher turnout for these groups should play into Biden’s hands. Barack Obama’s former vice president is more popular with minorities than Trump. In addition, since Floyd’s death, signs have increased that he could choose a non-white woman to serve as a vice-president.

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Above all, one brakes on the changes: President Trump. He has condemned the brutal crackdown on Floyd as an isolated case, but does not recognize police violence against blacks or systematic racism as a major problem. He perceived the protests as a declaration of war and threatened demonstrators with the use of “malicious dogs” and the armed forces – instead of showing understanding and uniting the country.

Love you too, pal“

Unarmed Floyd, 46, was killed in an arrest in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A policeman knelt on his neck for about eight minutes. Floyd was arrested on suspicion of paying with a false $ 20 bill.

At the end of the video switch, Obama said goodbye to his former Vice President Biden with the words: “Love you, Joe”. Then he replied: “Love you too, buddy.” To watch the event, you had to donate any amount. According to the information, more than 7.6 million US dollars (around 6.7 million euros) from around 176,000 donors came together.



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