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20 minutes – you need to know this before the start of the final season of «Dark»


It starts on Saturday

On Saturday Netflix will release the third and final season of the German hit series «Dark». We prepare you for the last eight episodes.

  • The third and final season of «Dark» will start streaming on Saturday.
  • “Dark” is the first German Netflix series.
  • This article is full of spoilers for the first two seasons.
  • Nevertheless, we placed spoiler warnings again below.
  • Nobody should be able to say we didn’t tell you.

Big, fat, gigantic spoiler warning!

If you’re season two of «Dark» If you haven’t looked yet, you should instead choose another one of the many great articles from the 20-minute entertainment world read. Because you don’t want to mess up this fantastic mystery thriller series with spoilers. Yeah, we are fan girls and boys.

Therefore again: spoiler! From now! And that’s massive!

What happened last?

Well, the apocalypse, which was counted down again and again throughout the second season. It happens because at the same time in 2020, 2053 and 1921 God particles was activated, with which the time travel, which determine the plot of «Dark», is possible.

It’s probably like if you plug the fridge, laser printer, treadmill, tanning bed and disco lighting into the same connector at the same time – at some point, it’s easy.


Why does the final season appear on a Saturday?

Justified question, after all, Netflix releases new in-house productions in almost all cases on Fridays. The eight episodes of the third and last season of the German series come on Saturday because then the 27. June 2020 is – the exact date of the apocalypse in «Dark».

What you are feeling right now with this knowledge is really intense chicken skin – similar to when the soundtrack in the episodes reaches this great place. Do the series creators Baran bo Odar (42) and Jantje Friese (42) all planned this way? Is it a coincidence? Ignorance keeps us awake at night. And during the day in “important meetings”.

What does the end of season two mean?

Adam (Dietrich Hollinderbäumer) shoots Martha Nielsen (Lisa Vicari) down and disappears. Jonas Kahnwald (Louis Hofmann) tries to save his great love (even if she is actually his aunt; #JustZeitreisenThings), and finally mourns her death. And then suddenly there is one second Martha beside him.

When asked what time it came from, she replied: “The question is not from what time, but from which world.” And then she saves Jonas and herself with something like a pocket version of the “Dark” time machine into another time – or another world. Say: There is at least one parallel dimension to the one in which the plot was previously played. And Martha still lives there. And carries a pony.


Season three is almost certainly playing to a large extent in (at least) one parallel dimension (and maybe in other times, but that would be really too much of the mind blowing) – where all the characters we know may be wearing bangs. At least, we would find it great.

What is the main character Jonas up to?

Do you remember? Adam is Jonas – simply 66 years older than the 2019 Jonas and scarred through excessive time travel like an old leather glove that has been patched a little too often. And Adam wants to destroy the existing world and create a new one to interrupt the current, repetitive and all protagonists over and over again plunging into misery.

Young Jonas wants Adam to play quasi-god with the help of Claudia Tiedemann (old: Lisa Kreuzer, adult: Julika Jenkins) prevent. How he wants to do that from the parallel dimension remains to be seen. An important player in the destruction of Thus the world; Adam’s little fanatic-tinged group of time travelers, is Agnes Nielsen (Antje Traue), an ally of the old (and dead) Claudia who infiltrated the organization.


Who is still alive?

Apocalypses have the unpleasant side effect of wiping out pretty much all of the life in their sphere of activity. However, the protagonists are quite piggy, as many of them were able to save themselves or were saved. Jonas is somewhere with as I said Parallel-Martha on road.

Peter (Stephan Kampwirth) and the young one Elisabeth Doppler (Carlotta von Falkenhayn), the adult Regina (Deborah Kaufmann) and Claudia Tiedemann as well as the boy who traveled from 2020 to 2020 Noah (Max Schimmelpfennig) have locked themselves in a nuclear bunker.

The young Magnus Nielsen (Moritz Jahn), Franziska Doppler (Gina Alice Stiebitz) and Bartosz Tiedemann (Paul Lux) have grown up together with the adult Jonas (Andreas Pietschmann) made out of the dust by time machine. And the adult Katharina Nielsen (Jördis Triebel) was somewhere in the time travel caves of the fictitious German city of Winden at the time of the disaster and is therefore probably safe. So as safe as you can be during an apocalypse.


The rest is theoretically over. Although the figures in the parallel dimension could still be alive – Martha is proof of that. But yes, damn complicated, the whole thing. Maybe after that you need a little lighter food, «The Midnight Gospel», for example. Cough.


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