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20 minutes – An app turns the mobile into a Switch controller


Holders of a Nintendo Switch console in need of Joy-Con (detachable controllers from the device) to play more can go to the Google Play store instead of ordering additional accessories. The developers of the British company DeepBlue Labs have indeed created an app that can transform a smartphone into a controller for the hybrid console of the Japanese glove. Called JoyCon Droid, it can be downloaded for free from Google’s online platform and is compatible with smartphones running Android 9 Pie at minimum. The service can also solve the famous Joy-Con Drift bug, which produces unwanted actions on the screen, as if we had touched the stick of the joystick, and which many customers have been victims of.

Using an Android phone as a JoyCon from r / NintendoSwitch

The JoyCon Droid app, which connects to the console via Bluetooth and displays all the buttons on the controller on the smartphone screen, is presented as currently in the public alpha test phase. This means that it is not completely finalized and can therefore present some malfunctions. The specialized site Gizmodo For example, she noticed that she could disconnect when the user returned to the home screen to change the game. Some have apparently circumvented this problem by physically connecting their mobile to the console via a USB-C cable.




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