2 Secrets of Syabda Bring Indonesia Dramatically Win at Thomas Cup

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

The Mighty Word of Belawa claimed to have things that pushed him to rise and bring Indonesia to a dramatic win in the Thomas Cup event.

Syabda won 21-14, 11-21, 21-16 over Lee Yun Gyu. In that match, Syabda was in a tight position when he was 6-11 behind in the third game interval.

“When I fell 6-11 in the third game, I just thought, if you lose, you’ve lost. But I’m determined I don’t want to just give up in the middle of the field. I just keep trying.”

“I was determined, where did I go after the ball. I kept pressing and attacking and didn’t think the energy would be drained. I fought all out,” said Syabda as quoted from the official PBSI release.

In addition, Syabda also admitted that he was motivated by the total support given by his colleagues and seniors from the sidelines.

“Moreover, my seniors and idols continue to support me from the sidelines. Support-its amazing. They fully support me. I don’t want to give up.”

“I saw Koh Hendra, Mas Kevin, Babah Ahsan and others, shouting from the sidelines supporting me, I kept going. fight. I didn’t think about anything, just kept fighting and didn’t hesitate like the second game that made me lose,” said Syabda.

Syabda’s victory also completed Indonesia’s comeback in the match against Korea. Indonesia was behind 0-2 before Shesar Hiren Rhustavito, Fajar Alfian/Muhammad Rian Ardianto, and Syabda won the winning points.

“I am happy and grateful that I was able to win and can contribute the decisive number for Indonesia’s victory over Korea, 3-2.”

“The match was tense and there were pressurebecause I appeared for the first time in a big event like the Thomas Cup and appeared in the deciding party,” said Syabda.

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