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Status: 06/25/2021 12:00 p.m.

According to the social authority, 18 new corona cases were registered in Hamburg on Friday. That is 10 fewer new infections than a week ago and 6 fewer than on Thursday.

According to the social authority, a total of 77,254 people in the Hanseatic city have tested positive for the corona virus since the beginning of the pandemic. According to estimates by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), around 75,000 people in Hamburg can now be considered recovered.

Incidence value at 9.9

The number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in the past seven days is once again in the single digits: the incidence value fell from 10.4 to 9.9 on Friday. A week ago it was 12.4.

19 people in intensive care units

According to the social welfare authority, 41 corona patients are treated in the Hamburg hospitals, 19 of them are cared for in intensive care units – 4 fewer than last stated. According to the RKI, 1,589 people have died in connection with Covid 19 in the Hanseatic city since the beginning of the pandemic.

More than half vaccinated once

927,113 people in Hamburg have already been vaccinated against the corona virus, according to figures from the RKI. According to the information, this corresponds to 50.2 percent of the population. Up to and including Thursday, 607,500 citizens or 32.9 percent of the population had received their second vaccination.

Telephone hotline for questions about the coronavirus

General questions about the coronavirus are answered on the telephone hotline (040) 428 284 000. If flu-like symptoms occur in connection with contact with sick people, the family doctor or the doctor on 116117 should be contacted by phone.

additional Information

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Numerous people in the sunshine on Hamburg's Elbe beach in Övelgönne.  © picture alliance / dpa Photo: Daniel Bockwoldt

With only 18 confirmed new infections, the value drops to 9.9 according to the social authority of the Hanseatic city. More corona news in the live ticker. more

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