“168 Hours”: What exactly was Lenin sick of?

They are doing a top-secret autopsy at the dacha in Gorky

From January 1921, Lenin complained of headaches and dizziness. The Ulyanovs’ personal physician, Dr. Fyodor Gettie, diagnosed fatigue. The winter of 1921/22 was difficult – the pain and dizziness increased, sometimes

Lenin loses his balance. According to neurosurgeon Professor Livery Darkshevich, who examined the leader on March 4, 1922, there were two phenomena that were painful for Vladimir Ilyich – extremely severe neurasthenic manifestations and a number of mania. Lenin even fears that he is threatened with insanity.

Late in the evening of May 27, Lenin had a headache, complete loss of speech, and weakness of his right limbs. Neurosurgeon Vasily Kramer believes that cerebral ischemia is caused by atherosclerosis of the blood vessels, but this atherosclerosis “behaves” in a different way than usual. a version of a vascular lesion with pale treponema (the bacterium that causes syphilis) was also tested in May.

Lenin recovered and on June 11, after waking up, said: “I feel very well … A strange disease, what could it be? I would like to read about it.” And he began to read books on medicine to his brother Dr. Dmitry Ulyanov.

It gets worse again in October. His last public appearance was on November 20, 1922. On December 13, there were two severe seizures with paresis of the limbs and complete loss of speech. On December 22-23, it deteriorated sharply – he received paralysis of the right half of the body. This is obviously a second “classic” ischemic stroke. Seizures and strokes followed one another on March 6, March 10, 1923 … But Lenin was recovering again! He was taken to Gorky on May 15, started walking in July, tried to write with his left hand, and in August was already looking through the newspapers. On October 18, 1923, Lenin came to the Kremlin for the last time: he entered his office, spent the night in his apartment in the Kremlin, and leaves in the morning for Gorky. Forever.

The last attack of his illness was on January 21, 1924. At 5.40 he fainted, and at 6.50 Vladimir Ilyich died. He is 53 years old.

Dr. Novoselov carefully examines the medical diary and the report on Lenin’s death and autopsy. The document was written the day after his death on January 22, 1924, at the Gorky estate near Moscow, which is strange. The leader’s body is laid on two tables, gathered next to each other and covered with tarpaulin, on the second floor of the house. According to the autopsy report, the cause of death was atherosclerosis of the blood vessels due to their premature wear (Abnutzungssclerose). Lenin’s body was opened on January 22, and the next day, January 23, it was transferred to Moscow. And no one asks questions. Why is the body not transported immediately to a specialized institution, where there are pathologists, autopsy tables, instruments? Why open it first in Gorky, where there is no equipment. There is a medical council of 11 people. Only three of them are doctors. Around the mansion there is a large wooded area, guarded by about 30 guards – archers.

Apparently in Moscow it was difficult to ensure the necessary secrecy, so the dacha was chosen, surrounded by forest. But even in the remote Gorky, something unforeseen happens.

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