15 months in prison for man who drove into press photographer with a shovel

After the photographer and his partner ended up in the ditch, the fire service had to help get them out again. The victims were trapped in the car, which was upside down in the ditch.

A reconstruction of the incident has shown that the photographer and his girlfriend could have suffered serious physical injuries. There was also a chance that the two would not survive the attack. The suspect called the reconstruction shocking.

Public violence

The man says he deeply regrets his act. He now sees that things could have turned out very differently, he said during the session. “It should never have happened, but yes, it did.”

The farm owner and a 21-year-old gardener are later prosecuted for their part in the case. They are suspected of public assault.

During the trial, the Public Prosecution Service said that the attack with the shovel was dangerous, but not an attack on press freedom, which could have resulted in a higher penalty. “It seemed like that for a while, but the suspect did not know that these were press people who wanted to report on the fire.”

The court will rule in two weeks.

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