112 news: Police arrest three at Capelle Rijnvogels I contest Passengers walked on track in Barendrecht tunnel


In this post we will keep you informed of the most important 112 news from the region from Saturday 14 May.

19:55 Police arrest three at Capelle Rijnvogels match

The police have arrested three people during the match between VV Capelle and Rijnvogels. That is what the police officers of Ommoord let you know. The team on standby also reported earlier that it was present on the football field. The football players from Capelle aan den IJssel and the Rijnvogels from Katwijk. Capelle lost the match in the main division on Saturday with 0-1.

19:45 Passengers walked on rail in Barendrecht tunnel

On the route between Rotterdam Central and Dordrecht, fewer trains ran on Saturday at the beginning of the evening. There, people were walking on the track in the Barendrechttunnel. ProRail calls it life-threatening. The police have taken the people out of the tunnel.

18:12 – Boy stabbed in Hoogvliet is only 16

The person who was stabbed in Hoogvliet on Friday evening turns out to be a 16-year-old boy from Spijkenisse. This is reported by the Rotterdam police in a call. It turns out to be a robbery that got out of hand. According to the 16-year-old, he was robbed and stabbed in a house on Toscalaan in the Het Oude Land district. He managed to get away and hide outside. He then saw the suspects take off on a scooter. It is unclear if the robbers took anything. The police are asking anyone with more information or images of the area surrounding the Toscalaan to come forward.

Police investigate where 16-year-old boy was stabbed © Media TV

17:55 Fire on pleasure boat Parkhaven in Rotterdam

The fire brigade reports that a fire on a recreational boat in the Parkhaven in Rotterdam has been extinguished. It was a motor boat.

17:52 – Collision cars N59 at Ooltgensplaat

Two cars crashed into each other at Ooltgensplaat on the N59 on Saturday afternoon around 16:15. The fire brigade and an ambulance were on site, according to witnesses. Two passengers were taken to hospital.

Two cars crashed into each other near Ooltgensplaat on the N59.
Two cars crashed into each other near Ooltgensplaat on the N59. © AS Media

16:38 – Roof with solar panels in the fire in Nieuwe-Tonge

In Nieuwe-Tonge, solar panels on the roof of a house caught fire on Saturday afternoon. The fire brigade came out to put out the fire. The roof was broken open to make sure the fire was completely out.

The solar panels on the roof of a house in Nieuwe-Tonge caught fire
The solar panels on the roof of a house in Nieuwe-Tonge caught fire © AS Media

16:07 – Police catch thief of goose chicks

The Molenlanden police arrested two occupants of a French car on Saturday morning at the Donkse Laagten between Papendrecht and Groot Ammers. They had caught 21 goose chicks that were in a steel-fenced crate. They will both be fined 600 euros. The officers returned the chicks to Mother Goose where the thieves had caged them.

13:00 = Toddler walks to metro station, parents are still sleeping

A toddler in Hoogvliet thought he could take on the whole world today. While his parents were still sleeping, he managed to escape from his house and went for a walk. He liked the Hoogvliet metro station, so he went in there. Fortunately, officers saw that too and before accidents could happen, they took the boy with them. Because the boy did not speak Dutch, it was initially difficult to find out where the boy lived. With the help of people in the neighborhood, the officers eventually succeeded. He is now reunited with his parents.

10:15 – Cat freed from engine block

Emergency services rescued a cat that had been hiding in the engine block of a car. Fortunately, there was nothing wrong with her voice, because she made herself heard and bystanders called 112. The car had been to several places that day, so it is not known where the animal came from. She has since been taken care of by Stichting Zwerfkatten Rijnmond, who gave her the name Stien. Anyone who wants to take her into their home can register with the foundation.

Stien was well hidden in the engine block (left).
Stien was well hidden in the engine block (left). © Stichting Stray Cats Rijnmond

03:00 – Motorist rams into lamppost and ends up on tree

A motorist has flown out of the bend on Operalaan in Capelle aan den IJssel. He first hit a lamppost and then came to a stop against a tree. The car’s E-call system has automatically alerted the emergency services. The driver was very confused by the impact and was taken to hospital for a check-up. Police are investigating whether the victim was speeding.

With the lamppost still in the front, the car crashed into a tree.
With the lamppost still in the front, the car crashed into a tree. © News on Image

00:15 – Fire in Oude-Tonge Boerderij Farm

A farm burned down at Oude Tonge last night. The building was empty and there are no known injuries.

It is a farm on the Oostendesedijk near Oude Tonge. The fire broke out shortly after midnight; an hour later the farm was destroyed.

The cause of the fire at Oude Tonge is not yet known.

Firefighters had the fire under control after an hour.
Firefighters had the fire under control after an hour. © MediaTV

22:10 – Stabbing Hoogvliet

|  Photo:
| Photo:

Someone was stabbed in Hoogvliet last night. That happened on the Desdemonastraat in the Oude Land district.

Police found the victim there around 10:10 a.m. last night. He may have been stabbed in the immediate vicinity of Desdemonastraat.

The injured man was taken to hospital. As far as we know, no one has been arrested yet.

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