111,345 children in Jambi City are targeted for measles immunization

Jambi (ANTARA) – The Jambi City Government found that 111,345 children aged nine months to 12 years in the city were targeted for measles-rubella immunization.

“Measles rubella immunization is important for children’s growth and health,” said Deputy Mayor of Jambi, Dr. Maulana, in Jambi, Thursday.

He explained that the National Child Immunization Agency (BIAN) program was based on a decrease in basic immunization coverage for children during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although in Jambi City the program during the COVID-19 pandemic continued.

The implementation of the BIAN program, he said, would involve various sectors, including the education office, the Ministry of Religion, PAUD, posyandu, PKK, MUI and other agencies. In Jambi City, there are more than 260 thousand houses, and of that number around 110 thousand houses have children aged nine months to 12 years who will be injected with the rubella measles vaccine.

In order to make the BIAN program a success, the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) Jambi City carried out socialization to the village heads in the area. It is hoped that the information related to BIAN can be submitted to the neighborhood association forum. So that RTs in each neighborhood can verify data regarding how many children in each RT are entitled to the measles-rubella immunization.

Maulana explained that children who have received the complete measles-rubella vaccine can still get measles. However, the symptoms experienced are not too dangerous and only experience mild symptoms, such as red spots and fever. And children who have been immunized will more easily recover on their own.

Meanwhile, children who do not receive immunizations, he said, who get measles will experience more severe symptoms, such as sore throat, high fever, diarrhea and vomiting. Children who experience these symptoms usually have to be hospitalized in a hospital.

“Even if the symptoms are too severe, children can die,” said Maulana.

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