Entertainment Yana Rudkovskaya showed her collection of things Chanel

Yana Rudkovskaya showed her collection of things Chanel


Secular lioness decided to joke in the wickedness of the day.

Yana Rudkovskaya. Photo: globallookpress.com

Yana Rudkovskaya third month observes self-isolation. Secular lioness after a trip to France was in quarantine. If at first it was strange for her to sit at home, then gradually she got a taste. Now wife Evgenia Plushenko devotes more time to social networks. She began to take part in challenges, and also learned to shoot funny videos. Often her husband and son Sasha take part in her commercials.

And the other day, Yana took part in the transfer of Ksenia Sobchak, where bloggers spoke outthat they do not like in a socialite. Most do not approve that the blonde boasts of wealth and flaunts exquisite breakfasts, expensive items and other attributes of social life. But Rudkovskaya said that she works hard to spend money on what she wants and likes everything, she does not seek. And now she shot a video, literally imposing herself on Chanel things.

Plushenko’s wife lay in the dressing room, leaning on the Louis Vuitton chest. Yana appeared in a lemon sweatshirt, snow-white short trousers and a knitted hat. Printed sneakers complement the look. The blonde pretended to be on the phone. “I got a call from Chanel yesterday, asking if she was dead? I haven’t been appearing for a month, ”the socialite said. “Alive! Video on the topic of the day, ”she wrote.

Fans were delighted with the joke. Others appreciated the Chanel items that lay around Rudkovskaya: pillows, a fitness carpet, and many miniature bags. “Such talents are revealed during a pandemic!”, “Fashionista”, “Crosses – fire”, “What a cool Chanel”, “Cool”, “This is the best joke,” the subscribers commented on the post.



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