Health Worried about Corona Virus Spreading Through Food? See...

Worried about Corona Virus Spreading Through Food? See the following information

-, JAKARTA – Corona virus really makes all areas of life affected. Recently, the Head of Public Health in Wales immediately sought 300 workers from a food factory after a corona virus outbreak occurred in the area.

166 new cases of the corona virus have been recorded at Rowan Foods in Wrexam, which has more than 1,000 workers on site making food for supermarkets in the UK.

In a statement, Public Health Wales said that they had collaborated with the University Health Board’s Betsi Health Board to contact more than 300 other workers.

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“As we expect with a focused tracking and inquiry process, we will identify additional asymptomatic cases,” Public Heath Wales was quoted as saying by Metro UK, Tuesday (6/30).

With the case of food workers infected with Covid-19, is it possible that the corona virus is spreading through food and should people be worried about shopping outside the home now?

Regarding this, various health organizations and institutions have stated that the new corona virus cannot spread through food. The World Health Organization also said that it is not possible for people to be infected from food or food packaging.

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“Covid-19 is a respiratory disease and the main route of transmission is through person-to-person contact, and through direct contact with respiratory droplets produced when infected people cough or sneeze,” the WHO statement said.

“There is no current evidence of a virus that causes respiratory disease transmitted through food or its packaging. This corona virus cannot multiply in food. They need animals or human hosts to breed, “added the WHO.

In addition, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) states the same thing, that until now there has been no evidence that food is a source of corona virus and it is very unlikely to be transmitted through food consumption.

With so many concerns still covering, the takeaway option is one way to avoid the risk of transmitting the disease. Most sources say it’s safe to do.

Even so, Bill Keevil, Professor of Environmental Health from the University of Southampton said that it is still important to be aware of all the contacts that occur when food is made and delivered home.

“Ideally, staff should wear gloves, wash their hands, and not be allowed to work when showing symptoms. As long as staff take appropriate safety measures, it seems that choosing takeaway is considered to be a lower risk, “he said.




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