In France They government stated it had been a “race against time” to obtain the women before they might strike.

mg/sms (AP, AFP)

“There is a group that’s been annihilated, but you will find others,” French President Francois Hollande stated on Friday. “Information we could receive from our intelligence services permitted us to do something prior to being past too far.Inch

Security authorities stated they found an itemized pledge showing that among the women was from the terror group. The suspect, a 19-year-old referred to as Ines Madani, was shot within the leg by police on Thursday evening, after she stabbed a officer having a knife.

Based on figures through the French government, women constitute several-third from the 700 French people who’ve attended Iraq and Syria to battle using the IS.

Detectives also found that another accomplice within the situation, known as Sarah H., was the fiancée of Larossi Abballa, the person who wiped out a officer and the partner inside a Paris suburb in June. He was shot dead. Research demonstrated Abballa had sworn allegiance towards the IS three days before killing the pair.

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