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Without statements on everyone’s lips


In 1998, a publisher saw the light of day that changed gaming forever: Rockstar Games. The US company is responsible for various legendary titles and series, including Grand Theft Auto (GTA), Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne. In particular, the publication of GTA 5 in 2013 should sustainably consolidate the company’s status. So much so that Rockstar Games is on everyone’s lips almost every day without having made any new statements about the much anticipated next branch of the GTA series. How does the company do this?

More than 100 million buyers for GTA 5

What: Pexels

What: Pexels

Rockstar Games cannot complain about a lack of interest in its work. Almost every day there are rumors of all kinds online about the upcoming GTA offshoot. With all rumors and clues, one thing is not clear: is Rockstar working on a new GTA at all? This has never been officially confirmed. Rather, the company announced during the launch of the PlayStation 5 that the game would once again be transferred to a new generation of consoles. That’s exactly what happened back in 2015 when the game appeared on PS4 and Xbox One. The legitimate question about this approach is: why shouldn’t Rockstar do this? Even then, the developers emphasized that the best games usually appeared at the end of a console’s lifetime. With this approach, it may take a long time before GTA 6 – or whatever it is called – will appear. 2022 or 2023 appear as realistic target years after the latest announcement. Added to this is the great commercial success that Rockstar has achieved with its most impressive game to date. Already in May 2018, more than 95 million copies of GTA 5 were sold. Since then, that number has grown to well over 100 million games.

The huge community behaves differently from many other game formats. GTA 5 is still considered a modern cult game and is played daily by hundreds of thousands around the world. The users are waiting, albeit impatiently, for the future, thereby showing their loyalty to the studio. On the other side are the developers who cannot or do not want to afford this luxury. Let’s just look at a series like Call of Duty, which has released eight games since 2013. From Black Ops II to Modern Warfare, everything has been there since the last game in the GTA series. This is also due to the fact that the competition in the shooter segment is slightly higher than in the unique open-world spectacle GTA. In the mobile stores on our smartphones, too, we are surprised every day with new games from well-known developer names. After all, even the best online casinos rely on regularly offering new content. At VegasSlotsOnline we see the wide range of themes, game mechanics and providers who are looking to strengthen their place in the market. Ultimately, the user benefits from a huge selection that is available in games such as GTA 5 primarily through new content and missions.

Community ensures the best advertising itself

Quelle: Pixabay

Quelle: Pixabay

Without any comments from rock stars, it is above all the community itself that ensures the best advertising through versatile content. On the well-known platforms such as YouTube and Twitch, their own groups with internal GTA games and rules have formed, which provide great entertainment for millions of players around the world and reflect the possibilities of GTA 5 with all server weaknesses in multiplayer. There was also a special campaign by filmmakers from California who re-enacted the game in reality. The Los Angeles filming location includes Vespucci Beach (Venice Beach) and the legendary Los Santos Storm Drain. Even rock star couldn’t market his game better.

Instead, sit back at London headquarters and watch GTA 5 continue to prove itself as one of the most popular games of our time. Given the age, it’s astonishing, but shows the great quality and attention to detail that went into the development of the game, and some still do with updates. After all, it’s not cheap to produce a new GTA game if the expectations of fans around the world are so high. According to media reports, the first development of GTA 5 cost around 188 million euros, while the amount is likely to have increased further in the following years due to further publications. Nevertheless, it should also be emphasized that GTA 5 has recouped this amount several times. And the upcoming GTA will do the same – whenever that will end.


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