That brought the maker to formally leave Dale earnhardt jr . in 2013, annually after Kaira Keselowski won the Sprint Cup title inside a Dodge—the automaker’s first since 1975. But though it was official, Dodge never completely left.

We are able to make sure there’s NO factory Dodge support. But what you need to also know may be the Challengers continue to be running Dodge engines provided by Team Penske to Carl [Lengthy] within lengthy term agreement he has with Penske.

Overall, the couple of Dodges within the field—when they really acquire some attention—bring back recollections of the Dodge program that when had everyone’s attention. When the teams running the ghost cars have the ability to field more motorists like Day, though, possibly it’ll dwindle nostalgic and much more normal.

When the time of the new Sprint Cup Series vehicle, the “Gen-6,” arrived on the scene in 2013, the series returned to cars that looked more much like road cars compared to disconnected and almost globally resented “Car of Tomorrow” generation of automobiles that teams ran in a long time prior. Dodge created a Charger that appeared as if it might eat the many other cars in the morning, however the manufacturer lost Penske Racing and it was not able to get another high-profile team.

In the finish of their championship-winning 2012 season with Penske Racing in NASCAR’s top division, Dodge drawn from the series when its flagship team gone to live in Ford power for the following season. However a lone Dodge—or, therefore it seemed—showed up at Saturday’s Dale earnhardt jr . Xfinity Series race. It’s a ghost of the items was previously within the series, and just what could’ve been using the Dodge program.

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