News Weißenkirchen: Antibody tests with wrong results

Weißenkirchen: Antibody tests with wrong results


Wagner does not want to assess whether studies in which only rapid tests were used, such as in Reichenau an der Rax, are therefore hardly meaningful. The state of Lower Austria is said to have used completely different rapid tests than in Weißenkirchen. In addition, the test from Reichenau was not yet fully evaluated. This is where Wagner comes in and puts it into perspective: “There are many quick tests, but so far hardly any comparative values.”

Rather, it deals with the first findings of the DPU study. From the findings now available, it can be estimated that one in eight residents of the Wachau community came into contact with the virus.

The number is thus up to ten times higher than the officially registered Covid 19 cases in Weißenkirchen. In addition, people with blood group A would have had clear symptoms more often, while others would not have noticed the infection, added Wagner.

Appeal: “Take Virus Seriously”

The study will be fully evaluated in the next few weeks. Above all, it is important to record the associated questionnaires. In addition, the results should be compared with those of the country and conclusions drawn. Overall, Wagner expects results similar to those in Ischgl.

He sums up: “We were confirmed that the infection chain is continuing, because younger infections were also recognizable.” For autumn and winter, this means developing strategies to prevent a second lock-down. Wagner appeals to the population: “Let us take the virus seriously, even if it only continues to simmer on a smaller flame at the moment.”


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