News Weather forecast: rain expected sometimes in quantity, especially south...

Weather forecast: rain expected sometimes in quantity, especially south of the Sambre and Meuse furrow


The Royal Meteorological Institute is issuing a yellow warning about rain. This alert extends from this Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. to Thursday July 2 at midnight. Indeed, an active undulating disturbance approaches the country from the west this evening and will not leave our regions by the south-east until Wednesday during the evening. On its way, we generally expect accumulations of 20 to 40 l / m² in 24 hours. The highest totals should, however, mainly concern the regions north of the Sambre and Meuse furrows.

Elsewhere, cloudiness will remain abundant (in the north and center of the country) with sometimes moderate rains. The minima will vary from 14 degrees in the valleys of the Ardennes to 17 degrees in the center. The southwest wind will remain moderate in the interior and fairly strong at sea.

The Interior SPF also temporarily activates the number 1722 for non-emergency firefighting operations, due to the bad weather warning issued by the Royal Meteorological Institute. The 1722 makes it possible to discharge the emergency number 112 in the event of a storm and to prevent people whose life is in potential danger from having to wait unnecessarily.

Tomorrow: a lot of rain except in the southeast

The rains or showers will remain present Wednesday morning, especially north of the Sambre-et-Meuse furrow. The southeast will continue to pass between the drops. During the day, the trend of showers and thunderstorms will increase over most of the territory, significant amounts of precipitation may fall, warns the MRI. The mercury will oscillate between 20 ° C and 25 ° C.

Thursday: the southeast is finally affected

The weather program should not change Thursday, with a sky changing to very cloudy, punctuated by showers this time mainly affecting the southeast of Belgium. It will be between 17 ° C and 21 ° C.

Friday: slight lull

Friday should be drier, with a return to cloudy but still some localized rain. We wait from 19 ° C to 23 ° C.

Week-end : instable

The IRM explains that so far, the forecasts are still uncertain. But at this stage, the most likely is a continuation of the week, with an unstable sky, oscillating between clearings and black clouds bringing showers. It should be between 17 ° C and 23 ° C.


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