Technology Videogames: PS5 would have this value according to the...

Videogames: PS5 would have this value according to the tab of Amazon Mexico | Price for C


Sony revealed through YouTube and Twitch the final design of the PlayStation 5, in addition to the games catalog. However, the company did not offer more information on the price of the console. Some data has reached the community via the most popular virtual stores on the Internet.

We recently showed you some leaks on Amazon France where the PS5 was listed at $ 499. The same website clarified that it was not a product that they were selling.

“The screenshot showing a product page of PS5 on with a price of 499 euros and a release date of November 20 is false and does not come directly from our website, “reads the statement.

Well, now an Amazon Mexico leak arrives at a price of 15,999 pesos, which would be $ 659 in exchange. Interestingly, this price was withdrawn and now only appears as “Not Available At This Time”.

We will have to wait for the confirmation of Sony in this regard. The final price will still take time to arrive at the following online company conferences.

PS5: Amazon Mexico lists the PlayStation 5 at this price.  (Photo: Amazon)
PS5: Amazon Mexico lists the PlayStation 5 at this price. (Photo: Amazon)



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