Firstly: It does not appear as if any kids were hurt during the building of this video. Since that’s taken care of, how crazy is that this selection of a 9-year-old Australian rugby player trucking over his fellow competitors during a lot of recent matches?

So has anybody checked this kid’s birth record or…? Once we pointed out, these hard hits most likely aren’t likely to last forever. Eventually, other kids are likely to meet up with him with regards to weight and height. But for the moment, best of luck preventing him!

The boy’s name is Meaalofa Te’o, even though he has not even hit double numbers yet, he clearly includes a natural capability to completely bulldoze his competition. Granted, he’s larger than most children his age and, sooner or later, he’s most likely not really the greatest rugby player in the game any longer. Until then, there’s literally nobody in the age bracket who are able to stop him. So each time he touches the ball during rugby matches, he goes full Animal Mode, and…boom. Or even better, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Seriously, it isn’t even fair!

You should check out a number of Te’o’s most impressive highlights within the video above. They apparently originate from a 9-and-under rugby tournament that Te’o’s team required part in in Australia’s capital of Canberra over the past weekend:

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