Home News VIDEO: Look at how much damage the wind has caused in Mārupe!

VIDEO: Look at how much damage the wind has caused in Mārupe!


In connection with the rains and strong winds, the State Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) worked in an intensified mode on Tuesday. Trees had broken in several places, the program “Degpunkta” reported.

At noon, there were power outages in some parts of the capital, as wind gusts broke down trees and hit power lines. Congestion developed in the streets.

In Mārupe, on the other hand, a strong wind felled a big tree in the yard of a private house, it landed on the roadway and caught the fence of the neighboring territory. Fortunately, there were no pedestrians or motorists nearby at this time.

“I was in. The wife said she blew something away. I look out the window – there is no birch, ”says the owner of the territory Brunis.

If only a fence was damaged in the incident in Bebru Street, then a poplar falling in Ķengarags damaged the trolleybus wires and two cars in Salaspils Street. The tree fell in the middle of the road and for a long time completely paralyzed the car and public transport.




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