World US to Stop Arms Exports to Hong Kong, China...

US to Stop Arms Exports to Hong Kong, China Threatens to Respond


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

United States of America declared to stop exporting sensitive military equipment to Hong Kong a few hours before China passed a controversial National Security Act against the special territory.

The US will stop all arms exports to Hong Kong from sophisticated ammunition to military hardware that has so far needed the green light from Congress to be sent.

US Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo said the decision made Uncle Sam treat Hong Kong as no longer an autonomous region of China.

Pompeo said the move was carried out by the US in response to China’s idea of ​​pushing for the ratification of the Hong Kong National Security Act. The law is considered by many to increase China’s control of Hong Kong affairs.

“We can no longer differentiate between exporting certain goods to Hong Kong or China,” Pompeo said through a statement on Monday (6/29).

“We cannot risk these military items falling into the hands of the Chinese military whose main purpose is to uphold the Chinese dictatorship by all means,” he added. AFP.

China itself has said it will retaliate against the US over the suspension of arms exports. The threat was expressed by China shortly after passing the Hong Kong National Security Act.

“US efforts to prevent China from advancing Hong Kong’s National Security Law through so-called sanctions will never work,” said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian.

Zhao said “China will take all necessary retaliation” in response to the US sanctions.


[Gambas:Video CNN]



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