News up to 100 euros more, the table with the...

up to 100 euros more, the table with the amounts


Increases in paycheck for workers, here we are: in July the measure approved last January with the decree on cutting the tax wedge that provides more money (and less taxes) to employees enters into force. It is an intervention that provides different criteria according to the income brackets: for those who earn over 28 thousand euros, the promised money will be disbursed in the form of a tax deduction, while for those with an income below this threshold, the amount will be so to speak combined with the 80 euro bonus. However, only a minority part of the audience will receive the “full bonus” of 100 euros.

In summary, therefore, for those who are dependent on 1 July the cutting the tax wedge, financed by the last maneuver, which translates into an increase in paychecks of up to 100 euros more per month (600 euros in 2020, 1200 euros fully operational). For those who already benefited from the Renzi bonus (between 8 thousand and 24 thousand euros of income) the amount thus goes from 80 to 100 euros per month, which will also go to those with incomes between 24 and 28 thousand euros. Those who have incomes between 28 thousand and 40 thousand euros will instead receive a deduction that drops to zero from 40 thousand euros upwards.

Bonuses up to 100 euros in paychecks, increases from July: the table with the amounts

To the ten billion of resources planned for the old bonus, another three billion are added for this year, which will become about six billion next year, thanks to the Italian decree law. To obtain the bonus on the paycheck, it will not be necessary to make a request: the employer plays the role of substitute tax and the money will be credited to the paycheck automatically according to the income of each worker.

What will be the result of the paycheck cut and who is entitled to the discount on balance? Here is a table with the amounts by income brackets.

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From 1 July the ceiling for cash payments falls, as required by the tax decree. And also from Wednesday 1 July, the obligation for professionals to install the Pos to collect electronic payments is triggered. Here you will find all the details.



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