World United States: Joe Biden after criticizing black voters

United States: Joe Biden after criticizing black voters


Joe Biden stands as the presidential candidate Democrats as good as firm – and thus as a challenger to incumbent Donald Trump. Biden owes his good prospects to black voters, among others, who helped him to achieve several successes in the primaries. But a statement in a radio interview now suggests that he is a little too sure of their support.

Towards the end of a conversation with prominent presenter Charlamagne Tha God, Biden said: “If you are not sure whether you are for me or for Trump, you are not black.” In the video you can see the scene from minute 17, Biden smiles mischievously at the camera after the sentence.

The statement was preceded by the question of whom Biden as “running mate” for Presidential election in November will choose. The Democrat has promised that it should be a woman. Senator Amy Klobuchar is reportedly shortlisted – a white.

The moderator referred to this, saying that the black voters had “saved political life” in Biden’s primaries and now had expectations of him. Biden, however, did not want to confirm the Klobuchar personnel and insisted that there were “several black women” in the race.

When an employee Bidens then tried to end the interview, Charlamagne Tha God said: “You can’t do that with black media.” Biden replied that he made no difference between white and black media. Now his wife needs the TV studio in the basement of the family home. When the moderator said he had more questions, Biden made the controversial remark: “Do you have any further questions? I’ll tell you what: If you’re not sure whether you’re for me or for Trump, you’re not black.”

The moderator replied to Biden’s statement that it worried him that “the Democrats took black votes for granted”. Biden replied that he had won voters’ votes through decades of work in black communities and received “overwhelming support” from black celebrities and voters. In fact, the ex-vice president enjoys high esteem among African Americans because of his eight years as a deputy to ex-president Barack Obama. Most recently, the black senator Kamala Harris, who herself belonged to the field of presidential applicants, acted as a possible representative of Bidens.

Symone Sanders, who is on the former US Vice President’s advisory staff, wrote on Twitter that Biden’s testimony was a joke. He wanted to point out his relationship with the African American community compared to Trump. Supporters of the US president in turn accused Biden of racism.

Tim Scott, the only black representative of Republicans in the Senate, described the statements at Fox News as “the most condescending and arrogant comments to the black community I’ve ever heard”. There was also a lot of criticism of Biden’s remark on social media.

President Trump’s campaign team immediately tried to take advantage of the incident. “He really thinks he, a 77-year-old white man, should tell black people how to behave,” said campaign advisor Katrina Pierson. Trump, however, has already made several racist comments, for example when he was in 2015 disparaged Mexican migrants. 2019 called the president Haiti and parts of Africa “dirty holes”.

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