“We did everything to ensure that there wouldn’t be any complaints put before us in the Gulf,Inch Lukashenko stated.

After casting his ballot (photo above) within the capital, Minsk, President Alexander Lukashenko, an old collective farm manager that has run the nation since 1994, stated free airline ought to be satisfied considering that the elections were carried out.

However, the election has been held against a backdrop of mistrust, and experts have stated tight limitations on campaigning and condition charge of the press have avoided a genuinely free election. Concerns are also elevated the condition, presided over by Lukashenko, could manipulate the outcomes after ballot boxes from early voting were left unguarded for a few days.

The Business for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), which set up some 400 monitors to look at Sunday’s elections, stated it might set of Monday the way the election have been carried out.

“Lukashenko is showing free airline the opposition figures aren’t tossed into jail and repression isn’t open, but he isn’t able to more. Parliament will stay sterile the deputies is going to be carefully selected,” Alexander Klaskovsky, a completely independent political analyst, told the AP news agency.

Polling stations closed on Sunday evening, with authorities proclaiming that the amount of voter participation exceeded the 50-percent threshold for that election to become valid.

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