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To the Czech Republic without control. Open border from the province Silesian


The health minister Adam Vojtiech announced the new rules on Monday.

The Ministry of Health’s communication referred to the “traffic lights” system, in which individual countries are marked with green, yellow and red, symbolizing the level of epidemic threat, and which became effective on June 15.

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The Silesian Voivodeship as the only region of Poland was marked in red. People coming to the Czech Republic from this region had to have coronavirus tests, not older than four days, with negative results or go to quarantine.

The Czech services demanded from persons crossing the border that they were not in the Śląskie Voivodship and were only passing through transit. These restrictions and border controls will expire on Tuesday.

Czechs are opening up to countries outside the Schengen area

The Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs Tomasz Petrziczek also announced that the Czech Republic will open borders for around 10 countries selected from the emerging list of 15 non-Schengen states for which the European Commission wants to open the EU’s external borders.

Petrziczek emphasized that the priority for the Czech Republic is to restore travel opportunities to the countries of the Western Balkans. He also said that Czech diplomacy appealed to the EC to create one list of countries for which all EU countries and Schengen zones would open their borders. – For Czech citizens it should not matter whether they will fly to Prague, Vienna or Berlin, e.g. to Tunisia or Turkey – the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs argued.

On their list, shorter than the EC’s proposal, the Czechs want to include about 10 countries to be selected due to, among others on reciprocity in the treatment of travelers, tourist potential, as well as a network of consulates in their area. In addition to the countries of the Western Balkans, the census is also to cover Australia and New Zealand.

Mandatory masks

In Prague, the order to cover the mouth and nose in the metro is maintained, while in other public transport masks are not mandatory. In the Czech capital, you will need to wear masks for mass events that are organized indoors until further notice.

More restrictive restrictions apply to parts of the Moravian-Silesian country, where, among others visits to hospitals and social care homes were restored. Until further notice, coronavirus tests will be performed on patients admitted to hospital wards.

Cross-border workers will have to submit to their employers the results of tests done not earlier than four days before arrival. Restrictions related to the time of operation of gastronomic establishments will be maintained. Cultural and sporting events can be organized with the participation of up to 100 people. You also still need to wear face masks or other nose and mouth protection in the region.

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