Technology To preserve the battery of MacBook Air and Pro,...

To preserve the battery of MacBook Air and Pro, macOS 10.15.5 better manages charging


With macOS 10.15.5, Apple is reviewing battery management for MacBooks with Thunderbolt 3 ports. second beta of this new version of Catalina adds a new setting, activated by default, whose objective is to extend the lifespan of the laptop battery.

As everyone knows, the battery is a chemical element that ages inexorably over the years and in use, whether for a computer, a smartphone, or an electric car. Charging your laptop battery to 100% and leaving it at this level for a long time – which is the case when working with a MacBook left on the desk – can diminish the capacities of the fragile component.

Beta requires, everything is not completely well calibrated and the information is in English.

The new mechanism, present in the settings Energy saver > Drums, is less aggressive when recharging, it does not necessarily try to charge the MacBook battery to 100%. This is reminiscent of the function of optimized battery charging iPhone (settings > Drums > Battery status) introduced with iOS 13. This is based on the daily recharging habits of the smartphone to put charging above 80% on standby, all for ” limit battery aging

Apple picked up the idea by monitoring the battery’s temperature history and the laptop’s charging behavior. Apple recommends disabling the function if the priority is to use the computer as long as possible between each recharge. This innovation has no impact on the performance of the Mac when it is connected to the mains.

Apple’s expertise in the field of battery management is indisputable. And this time, there is no question of wiping the thunderbolts of poor communication as it had been the case with iOS 11.2.1, which smoothly restrained the performance of somewhat old iPhones to preserve the battery. After the controversy, the manufacturer made amends with an operation to replace the batteries at a bargain price, as well as new setting options.

For the Mac, the manufacturer has taken the lead and communicated on this new function before it was available to the general public. This time there is no question of reducing the performance of MacBooks like on the iPhone.

The macOS 10.15.3 code contained references to a ” performance mode To boost computer performance, to the detriment of the battery. We haven’t had too much news since then, but this battery charge management function reminds us that Apple is still working on the subject.



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