News Thousands of Chinese TKA Arrivals Guardian, Halau Reporters

Thousands of Chinese TKA Arrivals Guardian, Halau Reporters


Kendari, CNN Indonesia –

As many as a thousand joint forces were deployed to secure the arrival of foreign workers (TKA) China the second wave in the Province South East Sulawesi, Tuesday (6/30).

Head of the South Sulawesi Regional Police Operational Bureau (Karo Ops) Kombes Pol Budi Wasono said the joint apparatus consisted of the TNI, Polri and the Civil Service Police Unit (Satpol PP).

“In the morning the personnel performance was held regarding the arrival of the second wave of foreign workers,” Budi Wasono told journalists in Kendari.

This joint apparatus, he said, was placed at several points which became the location of the demonstration. For example, at the Immigration Class IA Kendari Office, the intersection of Ranomeeto District, Tugu Adi Bahasa and the intersection of Haluoleo Airport in Kendari, Ambaipua Village, Ranomeeto District, Konawe Selatan District.

“Members too mobiling in the city of Kendari, “he explained.

According to Budi, it was not a problem for his party to mobilize such a large apparatus to secure the arrival of Chinese foreign workers.

A number of journalists were banned from entering Haluoleo Airport when they wanted to cover the arrival of Chinese TKA.

The Indonesian Air Force officers who were guarding the post asked journalists to turn around and were not allowed to enter the airport.

One TNI member at the guard post claimed there was no activity at Haluoleo Airport. The airport area is also temporarily sterilized.

“We have no directives, just wait, we will briefly convey it,” said one person of the Indonesian Air Force at the guard post.

Head of Information and Literature (Kapentak) of the Air Force Base (Lanud) Haluoleo Sugiyono when contacted by journalists said reporters should not enter Haluoleo Airport. However, he did not mention who ordered the following basis.

“The point is indeed not allowed to enter. Later we submit again, I confirm again,” said Sugiyono via cell phone.

The attitude of the Indonesian Air Force contrasts with the dozens of cars that are allowed into the Airport area. Allegedly this car is chartered and prepared to transport Chinese foreign workers who are scheduled to arrive tonight.

Ahead of the arrival of the second wave of Chinese TKA, hundreds of people from various organizations and campuses held a demonstration at the entrance of Kendari Haluoleo Airport.

They refused the arrival of these foreign workers because they were suspected of not having the expertise certification as required by the law on the use of foreign workers.

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[Gambas:Video CNN]



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