News This is what makes Jokowi upset at the meeting

This is what makes Jokowi upset at the meeting



Today’s President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) again shows frustration. This time he was furious about giving incentives to the health workers in charge COVID-19.

He considered the process too complicated. For this reason, he requested that the disbursement of incentives for medical staff be accelerated.

“Next, I request that the reimbursement payment for health services related to COVID be accelerated,” he said when opening a limited meeting this morning at the Presidential Office, Jakarta, Monday (6/29/2020).

Jokowi do not want any medical staff to complain about the difficulty of disbursing incentives ranging from additional extra money to death compensation money. If there are complicated procedures, he asks to be cut immediately.

“For example, the deceased must be immediately carried out, the assistance must be compensation should die once the assistance must come out. The procedure at the Ministry of Health can really be cut. Do not beat around the bush. If the rules in the candy are complicated it is simplified,” he stressed.

According to news reports detikcom, the incentives promised by the government are monthly incentives. This means that medical personnel will get additional income every month from the government.

Medical workers who received incentives included specialist doctors Rp. 15 million, general practitioners and dentists Rp. 10 million, midwives and nurses Rp. 7.5 million and other medical workers Rp. 5 million.

Not only that, the government also prepared death compensation to medical personnel who died for Rp. 300 million. This compensation only applies to areas that have been declared emergency response.

The budget for health personnel incentives is prepared by two channels. First, the government allocates IDR 3.7 trillion in stages through the Special Allocation Fund (DAK). The budget is for incentives for health workers in the regions.

Meanwhile, for health workers in the central region, the budget is Rp. 1.9 trillion. In addition, a death benefit of Rp. 60 billion was also prepared.

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