News This accident ghost car is a headache for the...

This accident ghost car is a headache for the police


Early Tuesday morning, shortly before 4 a.m., police officers were sent to an accident site in Bettwil AG. When the officers arrived, they were presented with an unusual picture.

The broken Peugeot was completely abandoned in front of a former military facility. The cantonal police said on Tuesday that the car was head-on against stone blocks in the immediate vicinity of the scene of the accident.

Not even the sniffer dog found a clue

There was no sign of the driver. There was also no license plate on the ghost car, the vehicle itself was not registered, the police found out.

Immediately a search for the inmates was started – without success. The use of a police detection dog was also unsuccessful.

The police are looking for witnesses who can provide information about the car or the accident.


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