World the United States could reach 100,000 new cases per...

the United States could reach 100,000 new cases per day without intervention


Wear a mask, do not go out in crowded bars, protect others: the senior American health officials lectured Americans, especially young people, on Tuesday for their carelessness since the deconfinement in May.

Four doctors at the head of large American health organizations testified Tuesday before senators amazed to see the curve of cases start again in more than half of the United States, while Europe succeeded in taking control of the virus. Dr. Anthony Fauci, who heads the Institute of Infectious Diseases, deplored the “all or nothing»Practiced by many Americans: either completely confined or “In bars, without masks, without avoiding crowds, without practicing physical distancing”. From 40,000 new cases detected per day, the United States could increase to 100,000 unless there are new interventions to stem the Covid-19 pandemic, he warned Anthony Fauci on Tuesday.

«We all have a role to playHe insisted, denouncing young people who feelinvulnérables». «An infected person may not have symptoms, but may infect someone elseHe says, like a grandmother or a child with leukemia. “Obviously we don’t have control right now“, Insisted the doctor, member of the presidential crisis cell on the coronavirus, and whose speech is the most free. “I wouldn’t be surprised if we hit 100,000 a day if we don’t reverse the trend“, he added.

Director of the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), Robert Redfield, called for “millennials“(Born after 1980) and Generation Z, the next. “I ask those who listen to pass the message ““, he said.

Wearing a mask, a political gesture

The mask is non-negotiable, they said. “Unfortunately, this simple, life-saving practice finds itself in a political debate that if you support Trump, you don’t wear a mask, but if you’re against Trump, you put one on.Said Senator Lamar Alexander, a Republican. “This is why I proposed that the president wear a mask from time to time, even if it is not necessary for him most of the time. The President has many admirers, they would follow his example“, He continued.

The contrast was striking on Tuesday between the optimism lavished over the past few days by Donald Trump’s vice-president, Mike Pence, and the grim analysis of the resurgence currently observed in the south and west of the country. 29 of the 55 states and territories are seeing the curve of new cases rise today, said Robert Redfield. Hospitalizations due to coronavirus are increasing in 12 states, he said.

More and more cities and states have declared a pause in their reopening processes, some closing bars and cinemas, others the beaches, while wearing a mask in closed public spaces has become compulsory in multiple places.

Difficult back to school

The question of the return to school, usually in August in the United States, also arises. Arizona, which has a very active center of contagions, shifted it from the beginning of August to August 17. But the experience of distance education in recent months is universally perceived as negative for children, in particular the most disadvantaged, with clear risks of dropping out. Many are campaigning for a return to school for the new school year.

«I firmly believe that we must do our best to get our children back to schoolSaid Anthony Fauci. It will depend on the local epidemic situation, he warned. By encouraging schools to be creative, for example to extend the hours in the morning and in the evening, and integrate a part of virtual teaching.

The American Academy of Pediatrics took action last week to prioritize “the goal of getting students back to school physically.”

Studies on children and the coronavirus are not definitive, but several indicate that children are less infected, become less seriously ill, and may even be less contagious than adults.



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