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The Ministry will publish a map of risk regions on a daily basis, and if the situation worsens, drapes will be introduced again – ČT24 – Česká televize


According to Piskala, however, the positive fact is that, despite the high number of patients, there are no more people in hospitals. “There is a big difference between the first wave and what we are experiencing now. The first wave was a big attack on medical facilities, it was a period when people occupied up to 400 beds. That is not happening now. “

The system was retrospectively evaluated by Ostrava, Prague and Domažlice at the beginning of April, and black was marked Prague on 27 March. At present, Prague has a three, Ostrava-město and Karviná six and Frýdek-Místek a four.

The first step will be veils

The daily change in the number of infected plays a roughly 30 percent role in the scoring system, the rest being the trend over the last seven days. One point can be awarded for more than a 50 percent increase over the previous day, a quarter of the risk groups among those infected, or a more than 50 percent increase in hospitalizations.

In the part evaluating the seven-day trend, two points evaluate the average increases of more than five cases over the last seven days or a statistically significant deterioration of trends. The point can also be credited to the region for increasing hospitalizations, affecting at-risk populations within seven days, or reducing the infection to a municipality or district.

“The system is not a dogma. It cannot take into account all the aspects that we are monitoring, “added Rastislav Maďar, coordinator of the working group of the Ministry of Health for the release of quarantine measures. According to him, the group prepared recommendations for regional hygienic stations according to the degree of risk. “If the situation worsens, it will go in the opposite direction to the relaxation of the measures,” he said. The first step is to preserve the drapes, then to regulate the spacing and to limit the capacity of mass events. At high degrees of risk, local movement restrictions could follow.

According to Dušek, the ministry will publish a map of risk regions and data on the number of newly infected in the previous day at approximately 5:00 p.m. So far, partial data have been presented in the morning. “Very often they are not yet correctly assigned to the regions, it causes inaccuracies,” he added.

The numbers are worse than in Poland

The situation abroad is stable, although there are some outbreaks in some places, such as northern Germany. In terms of population, however, it remains the most infected in Central Europe in our country.

“Yesterday, there were 314 infected per million Czechs, in Poland it was a little less and in Italy, for example, it is less than three hundred. Sweden has opted for a more benevolent approach, so far it does not seem to have paid off. Instead of falling numbers, they are still growing, “Piskala concluded.



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