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The government supports the possibility to integrate the serving transport infrastructure in the implementation of the Rail Baltica project Press release


June 30, 2020

The information was prepared by the Communication Department.

Today, as part of the implementation of the Rail Baltica project, the government supported amendments to the operating rules for the railway subdivision lane. They complement the activities allowed in the railway section and are in line with the EU regulation on railway safety.

The regulations stipulate that the construction of service transport infrastructure is allowed in the railway compartment, for example, parking lots, parking lots, railway passenger stations, airports, bus station buildings, etc. Amendments to the regulations are necessary to create space on a trestle or transmission can be fully used for the necessary transport functions.

Rail Baltica railway construction solutions in several places, for example, at the Riga International Airport, Riga Central Railway Junction, Riga International Bus Station, provide for the placement of railway infrastructure on elevated structures (overpasses), under which a free space will be created. In order to be able to use this space for traffic, transport services, transport services, as well as other transport needs, especially public transport, the railway section lane can be used for the serving transport infrastructure.

The operating rules of the railway land subdivision strip are related to the construction project development process and the development of local plans. Both the construction project and the local plan must provide for solutions related to the future functionality of the railway infrastructure and determine the appropriate use of the railway section lane. According to the EU regulation, the activities in the compartment lane must be subject to a risk assessment – the establishment (construction) of the relevant service transport infrastructure is permissible if it does not affect the safety of railway operation and train movement.

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