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Star TV series, the daughter of the Ambassador, episode 13, has now been translated, translated by Love Story 13 sefirin kizi


Daughter of the Ambassador series, episode 13, A large number of fans and fans of Turkish drama are searching for the events of the thirteenth episode of the famous Turkish series sefirin kizi, which managed to reap a very large fan base, in less than about two months, because of the powerful campaign that attracts the attention of viewers, besides that it is Realistic events already occur in a large number of countries, specifically in the Arab countries, which is the story of love between a young man and a girl, the young man is simple to live and she is from the middle class and the girl is rich in living and she is from the rich class, each of them enters into problems in order to refuse her father in marriage From that young man.

Star TV channel series, the daughter of the Ambassador, Episode 13 thirteenth

The events of the last episode of the series “The Daughter of the Ambassador” ended with Sinjar going to Nara and asking her to allow, after he knew that she had been wronged very much, which made Nara tell him what happened to her while she was crying heavily, and that her brother was the one who did that, the scene that millions of people sympathized with. From the Arab and Turkish audience, and it is also worth noting. One of the Turkish newspapers mentioned that the heroine of the series Neslihan Atagul managed to embody the role in a very terrible way, and made everyone more eager to follow the upcoming episodes of the series, especially after the last scene that you could not conceal her anger in front of her beloved Sinjar who doubted In her behavior and expulsion.

Daughter of the Ambassador series episode 13 subtitled.

Daughter of the Ambassador 13
Daughter of the Ambassador 13

The story of the love story of the 13th series of the 13th Ambassador daughter

It is recognized that the Turkish Ambassador’s Daughter series only shows one episode per week, specifically on Monday of each week, at exactly seven o’clock in the evening, Egypt time, and eight o’clock in the evening time in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through the official channel broadcasting, which is the TV channel broadcasting the series in the language Turkish, then after that, the episode will be uploaded into the Arabic language via specialized websites, and from these sites is a story of love – light – Rim Net – all Arabs.

The frequency of the Turkish Star TV channel

And now we add to you via the events of the day, the frequency of the Turkish Star TV channel, which has the right to transmit most of the Turkish series, not only the daughter of the Ambassador series but also the Resurrection of Osman series and the series of love for rent, and the series of the flower of the Trinity.

Nile SatLeave the sat
Frequency: 10922Frequency: 12209
Polarization: verticalPolarization: horizontal
Coding rate: 27500Coding rate: 3000

The thirteenth episode of the 13th series of the Turkish Ambassador’s Daughter series has ended on the official channel, Star TV, and the episode will be broadcast in Arabic after a few hours via the love story site, the light site and the site of all Arabs, in order to follow the episode by lovers And fans of the series in the Arab world.

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