Entertainment Shnurov ridiculed Prigozhin’s complaint about the "monstrous situation" of...

Shnurov ridiculed Prigozhin’s complaint about the “monstrous situation” of artists – RIA NEWS


  1. Shnurov ridiculed Prigogine’s complaint about the ‘monstrous position’ of artists RIA NEWS
  2. Prigogine complains about the “monstrous” position of the artists because of the coronavirus Lenta.ru
  3. Prigozhin reported on the “monstrous” situation of artists due to a pandemic IA REGNUM
  4. Prigogine complains about the ‘monstrous’ position of the artists RIA NEWS
  5. Prigozhin said the artists are in distress due to coronavirus Moscow’s comsomolets
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