Entertainment she leaves the C stage altogether, only kif!

she leaves the C stage altogether, only kif!


Annoyed, Kelly Vedovelli preferred to leave the set immediately C that kif, show presented by Cyril Hanouna. This Tuesday, May 26, 2020, the columnists were all invited to share their favorite and their favorite.

After Raymond Aabou was attacked on Twitter for reacting virulently to the controversy caused by Camellia Jordana and what he said about the police in On n’en pas couché, it was the turn of Kelly Vedovelli to push a big rant.

While Raymond Aabou tried to calm the game, ensuring that we could ” block the person “, Kelly Vedovelli did not dismount, explaining for his part:

I just want to put things in their place! At no point did we complain! We don’t complain, it’s just that at some point, when someone insults you on social media, I think of all the people it reaches

Words that the young woman supported by citing school harassment as an example, while Cyril Hanouna has chosen the celebrity argument. According to the presenter, if celebrities are like that victims of insults from Internet users anonymous, it’s above all because of their notoriety.

An argument endorsed by many columnists, while Kelly Vedovelli, visibly very upset, got angry against Cyril Hanouna exclaiming, out of it:

“And when a guy says‘ big bitch, suc ** r, poufia ** e ’! “

Kelly Vedovelli called to order by Cyril Hanouna: she takes the fly and leaves the set!

Faced with this flood of insults, Cyril Hanouna insisted on calling his columnist to order, letting her know: ” We can’t say that on Kelly’s antenna, we’re not on NRJ12…

A crop that was obviously not to the taste of Kelly Vedovelli, which immediately left his seat to get out of the C tray only kif.

Source: Instagram Kelly Vedovelli @kellyvedovelli

An outing that took by surprise Cyril Hanouna, particularly surprised by the reaction of the young woman who seemed to have taken literally the injunction of the presenter, who had asked her to go out, but in a joking tone.

Obviously annoyed not to have been taken seriously, Kelly Vedovelli preferred to leave the set permanently, when the show was nearing its end.

Kelly Vedovelli harassed for six months by a photographer

If the columnist of Cyril Hanouna reacted so impulsively, perhaps because harassment stories touch her intimately.

In September 2019, Kelly Vedovelli indeed revealed that she had been the victim of harassment by a photographer; an untenable situation which would have lasted six long months.

At the time, the sublime 29-year-old blonde was the assistant of a photographer which she didn’t want to name. The latter had managed to connect to Kelly Vedovelli’s iCloud from his own computer, so as to have access to the files on the young woman’s personal phone.

Kelly Vedovelli and her pony
Source: Instagram Kelly Vedovelli @kellyvedovelli

Every night, he read all my messages that I sent to my friends. The next day, he acted as if nothing had happened. Throughout the day, he would show me pictures of his exes and say, “Look, you look like him.” It lasted six months. But one day I fell apart “, She said on the set of Touche not at my post.

While Cyril Hanouna asked her if the professional in question had engaged in inappropriate behavior with her, she replied:

It was so heavy that every day they showed me pictures of women with big ***, he said: “You are like them.” In the evening, he read my messages, in addition, I said horrors about him to my girlfriends and the next day, so that he could say hello to me as if nothing had happened is that there was a problem. In the evening, he held me back. Normally, I would finish at 7 p.m., he would say to me: ‘No, but there is still something to do, it lasted until 11 p.m.’

Kelly Vedovelli, who therefore had to face the perverse harassment of a photographer, must also regularly face haters on the internet, always quick to criticize his posts, especially on Instagram. The young woman is thus often attacked about his weight and targets mockery on her physique and sensual poses.


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