Entertainment Settlement in two Weinstein cases: over 17 million euros...

Settlement in two Weinstein cases: over 17 million euros for victims


The settlement concerns two matters. A 2018 one filed by the New York Attorney General against Weinstein himself, his company, and Weinstein’s brother. And a 2017 case in which nine women accuse Weinstein of sexual abuse and harassment.

“After all the intimidation, threats and discrimination, these women are finally getting some justice. I thank them for sharing their stories,” said James.

The settlement was not hailed by everyone. For example, two lawyers for other Weinstein victims – Douglas Wigdor and Kevin Mintzer – are “utterly amazed” at “this dishonest proposition”. They believe that Weinstein gets away with the settlement.

Wigdor and Mintzer will therefore challenge the settlement, which has yet to be approved by a judge.


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