Sport Serie C, the complete picture of the playoffs. ...

Serie C, the complete picture of the playoffs. The playouts are over


Monza, Vicenza and Reggina promoted in Serie B. Gozzano, Rimini and Rieti relegated to Serie D. These are the first verdicts of the Federal Council held on June 8th. With the voluntary playoffs (Arezzo, Modena, Piacenza, Pontedera, Pro Patria and Vibonese have renounced it) the Serie C will decree the fourth promotion while the playouts have decreed the six relegations. Below is the schedule of promotion and salvation play-offs.


Group stage

First Round – Tuesday 30 June 2020 (single race)

Group A
Novara-Albinoleffe 0-0
Alexandria-Pro Patria *
Siena-Arezzo *

Group B
Padova-Sambenedettese 0-0
Feralpisalò-Modena *
Piacenza-Triestina *

Group C
Catania-Virtus Francavilla 3-2
Catanzaro-Teramo 0-0
Ternana-Avellino **

* qualified in the second round for the opponent’s renunciation
** Monday 1 July at 20:30

Second Round – Sunday 5 July 2020 (single race)

Group A

Alessandria-Robur Siena
Pontedera-Novara *

Group B


Group C

We must wait for the winner of Ternana-Avellino.
In case of victory of Ternana the pairings will be Potenza-Catanzaro and Ternana-Catania.
If Avellino passes the round, the challenges will be Potenza-Avellino and Catania-Catanzaro.

* qualified in the next round by renouncing the participation of the opponent

National phase

First Round – Thursday 9 July 2020 (single race)

Second Round – Monday 13 July 2020 (single race)

Final four

Semi-finals – Friday 17 July 2020 (single race)

Final – Wednesday 22 July (single race)


End i 2019/2020 Serie C playout and the final verdicts arrive. They are relegated to Serie D: Pianese, Giana Erminio, Arzignano, Ravenna, Rende, Bisceglie. These six teams are added to Gozzano, Rimini and Rieti, relegated directly. Hello and therefore also for the next season in Serie C: Pergolettese, Olbia, Imolese, Fano, Picerno, Sicula Leonzio.


One way (Saturday 27 June 2020)

Pianese-Pergolettese 0-0
Olbia-Giana Erminio 1-0

Arzignano-Valchiampo-Imolese 1-2
Fano-Ravenna 2-0

Makes Picerno 1-0
Bisceglie-Sicula Leonzio 0-1

Return (Tuesday 30 June 2020)

Giana Erminio-Olbia 1-1
Pergolettese-Pianese 3-3

Imolese-Arzignano Valchiampo 0-0
Ravenna-Fano 0-1

Picerno-Makes 3-0
Sicula Leonzio-Bisceglie 1-0


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